Democrats to lower Social Security age to 55?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by clacy, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. clacy


    So this is their solution to health care reform?

    Isn't medicare already on very thin ice?

    How do they even pretend to say that we're going to lower medicare funding, yet add millions of eligible recipients?

    If this bill passes, it will hasten the bankruptcy of medicare and ultimately end it entirely.

    If you're a boomer or younger, you should be opposed to this, IMO, or medicare WILL NOT be around 15 years from now.
  2. Like SS was going to be around 15 years from now anyway? Just saying.
  3. clacy


    With a few minor changes, such as RAISING the minimum age by a few years, and raising the payroll tax limit slightly, SS could have been viable for many more decades.

    That is what people that are serious about keeping SS around have been talking about for years.

    Now we're lowing the limit? Unbelievable.....
  4. rwk


    Did you actually READ that article? I did, and I did not see even one mention of Social Security.
  5. clacy


    Ok fair enough. If it's just Medicare, then that makes it marginally better. BUT, Medicare is a much bigger problem and way greater cost than SS.
  6. BSAM


    Exactly. This thread is grossly mistitled.
  7. clacy


    For some reason it won't let me edit it to substitute "Medicare" for "SS" but the point stands....
  8. spinn


    Actually, the democrats want to lower social security to 15.
  9. clacy


    It will be very interesting to see who the CBO scores this one.
  10. BSAM


    Cool......But, personally, I'm for the "Public Option". But, it shouldn't be at age 55. The "Public Option" should be available to anyone. There's no other way to get a rope around the necks of the criminal insurance and medical industries.

    How are we going to pay for it? Give me a break. The United States government has more money than anyone could ever imagine. And, guess what? They know how to spend us into oblivion and then claim they need more. What a joke.

    Less taxes / Less spending / Reorganization of the criminal healthcare system / then.....Free healthcare for all!
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