Democrats suppressing GOP visits to Gulf

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  1. Democrats suppressing GOP visits to Gulf.
    Posted by Moe Lane
    Wednesday, June 30th at 10:30PM EDT

    It’s the little things that underscore the pettiness that’s infesting the Democratic party’s leadership these days:

    To summarize: House Members have funds that they can tap into to go back and forth from their districts; Rep Scalise wanted to tap into that in the process of organizing a visit of about 10 lawmakers to Louisiana to assess conditions in the Gulf before voting on drilling restrictions; the Democratic leadership has authorized using the funds in such a manner in the past; and they’re not doing it now, because they want to control access by filtering it via committee (and, oh, yes, the Democrats forgot to mention that last bit to the GOP ahead of time).

    Now, if you’re a normal person, you might think that being able to tour the Gulf before voting on it is hardly unreasonable… particularly if you’ve already made the mistake of taking the Speaker’s own pet mouthpiece seriously. In reaction to the fairly obvious observation that the Democrats are hampering Republican efforts to directly assess Obamaspill:

    You get used to baldfaced, reflexive, and boneheaded mendacity if you live in the DC area for any length of time, but this. This is something special. There is negative semantic content in that statement: somewhere, it’s making an angel cry.
  2. Probably wanted him and his friends to go down there more for the golf than anything else. Republicans love corporate fraud, its how hey survive.
  3. Democrats suppressing GOP visits to Gulf

    Makes sense. The media will assign the "cross" to the Dems.

    The Dems have to keep sloffing off the problem on Bush, otherwise we'll blame those in office.
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    Yeah, probably. LOL..... (sarcasm)
  5. Why don't you send Michelle Bachman down there too so she can run around going "ooooo ...oil, yech". Save taxpayers some money, stay at home and keep funneling tax breaks to your
  6. Oh, you mean just like Obama has been doing during the spill?
  7. Corporate fraud funds pensions.
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    She couldn't do any worse now could she?
  9. I think if Obama could get away with it he'd grab BP by the throat, seize all their assets and go about fixing the problem
    at its core. As it is he got 20 billion in escrow out of them with another 20 billion at ready, that ain't bad. Republicans probably would have handled BP with
    white gloves and allowed them to skate even more than they
    already have sinced they're so in love with corporate. Somehow blame is being trained on government when it was circumvention of inspections with bribes and attempts at cost saving by BP et al that led to the problem. No criminal charges? Is there ever,
    Freedom insures that.
  10. Not to mention their apologies and references to shakedowns.
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