Democrats suck and Republicans are idiots

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  1. Everyone wants to point the finger at someone, but let me say this: if you vote republican in every election you are an idiot and partly to blame. If you vote democrat in every election your a dumbass and partly to blame. If you base your decisions on CNN/FOX news clips about mccain or obama once knowing someone who said "America sucks" , or because you LIKE one candidate better, your partly to blame.This is happening because our politicians are incompetent. They are incompetent because we let them be. Because we vote based on our petty partisan ideals, or we vote based on who can give the best speech. We let this happen because WE DONT CARE. We dont really care who is in office until something like this happens. We don't care whether we should maybe vote with a different party this time because its easier to just pick a side..until something like this happens. This is my first election, so I can't be blamed too much...but thanks a lot guys. Thanks for electing these idiots in the highest offices in the world :(
  2. Dude, grow a set and pick a side. No one likes a middle of the road waffler.
  3. dude grow a brain and realize the opposition of power from either side is what keeps the country from falling into anarchy or from being oppressed.
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    Are you talking to yourself?
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    I voted an early ballot last week.
    County wise virtually all of the candidates were incumbent republicans running unopposed. No opportunity to "send a message" there.

    For congressional contests though I voted for one libertarian whom I'd never heard of and one democrat who's ad I saw on TV moments before leaving to vote. In both cases I believe a first for me.
    If I'd had the perception of a wide spread movement for a write in for the White House I would have voted for them as well.