Democrat's Should Run Ellen DeGeneres for President

Discussion in 'Politics' started by version77, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Just think. They would get the gay vote. They would get the women's vote.

    And of course the baby killing vote.

    Let's not forget the "male with feminine qualities" who side on
    all of womens's issues vote.

    Ellen could get Anne Heche back as her lesbian lover and Anne
    could be the first lady and change the name of her show on ABC to
    "Women in Trees".

    How could the Dem's lose?

    BTW... does DeGeneres mean degenerate in Italian or something?
  2. Moreover she'd certainly get Mark Foley's vote. And there is a good chance she would also get Dennis Hastert's and Karl Rove's vote, both of them supported Mark Foley, it's only logical to assume that they will support Ellen DeGeneres...unless of course rightwingers run their own closet pedophiles and homosexuals in which case all bets on Hastert's, Foley's and Rove's votes are off.
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    Indeed. God forbid gays should get the same rights as other Americans, those nasty sinners. You just know if they did they'd bring their disgusting perversions right into the middle of middle-America and corrupt damn near everything held dear by good God-fearing folk.

    I can see it now: Dad brings out the mower for a nice Sun afternoon trim and there are gays all over his lawn having sex. "Hey, I'm trying to mow my grass here! Could you do that somewhere else?"

  4. Well, at least Ellen has the "balls" to be gay out in the open unlike those gay ole pedophiles of the klan party. :D
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    gays have the exact same rights as everyone else. I can't marry another man either.

    it's funny you use such a ludicrous sounding argument, ... I avoid certain sections of the public hiking trails I walk. Too many close calls with leering, naked, queers. The public parks are CRAWLING with queer men soliciting sex. Heteros for the most part go to hotel rooms, largely because there are virtually no women walking around the woods in search of random men to fuck. These women typically advertise in the back of newspapers and charge money.

    The call for Ellen DeGeners to run is perplexing when Oprah is available.
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    You don't wish to do so. They do. You have the right to marry your partner, they don't. I'm surprised you'd use such a ludicrous argument. This is akin to saying you don't have cancer of the liver, but those who do and don't have the right to experimental drugs that may cure them, have the same rights as yourself. Yeah, I guess you're right. Maybe that's the point.

  7. Following the "logical" thinking of "we have to fight the terrorists in Iraq or we will be fighting them on the streets of America" the "logic" of the homophobes is that we have to stop them now, or soon they will be in your house making love to you on your own bed...
  8. Wow, a bit of repressed "tendancies" I guess. "Baby killing lesbians"? Denereres = degenerate?

    I'm going to assume that this is posted as pure sarcasm. I'm still pretty new here on this board, but I doubt that anyone would really type such nonsense. And, in that case, potentially humorous but still a bit too junior high locker-room for normal people. Am I missing something?

  9. haha! Just what american needs, another "eternal enemy".

    So far:


    Bascially one who DARES to say that we are equal and that the white man is not somehow superior, or those who dare to defend their country from the West's "liberation" (lest they become like the American Indians) fits into that category.

    Tell me, have you see the smut that hollywood produces? Stuff that I would never have been allowed to see as a child (yes my parents monitored our TV). All available to 10 year olds who think they must wear makeup and dress 'sexy' like in the rap videos. The wholesale degregadion of human life, we can now torture (but we are not barbarians apparently), we can rape the environment all over the world. who cares. Who produces Will and Grace? Check the names. Who made Brokeback mountain? check the names.

    Tell me, who owns and controls hollywood?? "Liberals", "femminists"? Nope, guess again. I challenge anyone to name that group on here. ...
  10. Great point. Whatever we have to do to get certain European countries to love us again.
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