Democrats see Obama as a failure and a fake

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  1. Even Democrats see Obama as a failure and a fake
    Monty Pelerin
    October 31, 2010

    An interview with a Democratic Washington insider described as "a longtime Washington D.C. insider, and former advisor to the Obama election campaign and transition team ..." describes the "administration in crisis, and a president increasingly withdrawn from the job of President."

    Whomever the Democrat insider might be, his comments are consistent with what many of us sense. He does not believe another four years would be in the best interests of America, or perhaps more accurately, the Democratic Party. When confronted, here is the question and his answer:
    Even from a Democratic perspective, Obama is seen as an immature man-child. Despite the swooning press, he is not considered overly bright by those that know him. Read more here.

    They're little more than parasites. They live off the host -- productive citizens. Few pols have principles beyond staying in office, regardless of the cost. For Democrats, Obama was a meal-ticket. His philosophy of government may have been extreme for some, but he was useful. He was "The One" that could lead the party back to their rightful leadership, control of the country and glory.

    This charismatic charlatan charmed the country as well as his Party. The political parasites glommed onto him like flies on horse manure. He was their savior. The One would return the party to greatness.

    Buoyed by early success, Democratic politicians jumped aboard what they believed to be a program sold by a phenomenal politician who possessed magical powers. This winner could sell anything to the rubes in the body politic. Unfortunately Obama's vision, buttressed by extremists in the party like Pelosi and Reid, was pushed too far. It was too radical for the American people.

    Like hypnotized lemmings, the party members followed this Pied Piper. Their arrival at the cliff and mass demise is estimated to occur on November 2.

    The next two years will be hard on Obama. As much as he is hated by freedom-lovers in the country, it is likely that he will be hated more by his remaining Democrats. This Pied Piper, instead of getting the American people to follow, led Democratic politicians to their political death. The survivors will not forget, nor will they continue to march to the tune of this false savior.

    We are about to witness politics at its ugliest. It will be Republicans against Democrats of course. But that will be less intriguing than the Democrats against Obama. Political survival trumps loyalty. If Obama is as ineffectual as I believe he will be, he will be devoured by angry Democrats anxious to avenge the political deaths of their comrades.

    What Democrats, besides Hillary, will challenge him in 2012? Will he even stand for re-election?

    For political junkies the fun is about to begin.

  2. Obama passed health care for all,Hillary didn't :confused:
  3. Scorned Hilary supporter.
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    Obama passed a shitty healthcare bill, Hillary didnt, which is precisely why she would make a better president.
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    He forced Socialized Medicine on the country like a tinpot dictator and we won't ever accept it. If he vetos repeal efforts he could find himself impeached and living in exile.
  6. Hillary was the one who wanted socialized medicine,a complete government takeover of healthcare.Obama on the other hand tried to work with republicans by copying the health plan of a Republican governor( And 2008 the GOP's # 2 nominee and current 2012 GOP front runner ).
  7. Only a total moron like you would think Obamacare is a good thing... but don't take my word for it, ask the democraps who voted for it why they're not bragging about their "accomplishment" on the campaign trail.
  8. Which puts his supporters here on ET in a special category :p
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