Democrats Refuse to Allow Skeptic to Testify Alongside Gore At Congressional Hearing

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  1. Of course they won't.......the globalist CARBON TAX is getting all greased up and ready to be shoved up your you know what! :eek:

    Just another globalist game......climate scare crisis for a planned carbon tax solution.
  2. dsq


    Putting this quack on a gwarming debate is like putting a neo-nazi on a discussion about the horrors of the holocaust.No credibility.He just wants to appear there to be an antagonist not contribute anything meaningful.You know throw mud at a wall and some will stick type of deal.
    He is a lobbyist for enterprise not reality.
    Another anti science nut.
    He s another business at all cost type who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
  3. You mean he's not a trained scientist like Al Gore?

    Actually he was science advisor to Margaret Thatcher.
  4. Lucrum


    Apparently Al Whore and the democraps are afraid the former science adviser might bring up an Inconvenient Truth.

    Once again the fanatical proponents of "free speech" pick and choose as to when that right applies.
  5. Al Whore and the One Worlders at work. Control of the venue for debate ensures that they win.
  6. dsq


    is he a scientist or just a business lobbyist who was given the title of science advisor by another conservative failure:margaret thatcher?

    There is no debate on global warming.If you think the ice caps arent melting and temps arent rising and a 10 yr drought in the southwest etc...then you have serious mental issues.
    Global warming deniers are as laughable as people who deny that smoking doesnt cause cancer.Ridiculous.
  7. Nice to see such dexterity with toppling strawmen. However, certainly you see the distinct difference between whether or not temperatures on several planets currently fall into an up cycle, compared to, whether or not the cause for the earth's rise in temperature resulted from humankind.

    Facts trump Junk Science.

    The country with the highest life expectancy is Andorra.

    44% of the men smoke! (adult males 15 & older in 1997)

    Not surprising, that we don't see these statistics flashed in the headlines.

    - Spydertrader
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    Damn! It's not just Global Warming, Americans are causing Universal Warming! We need to go back to the Stone Age before the whole universe is destroyed!
  9. Hmm, Al Gore is a part owner of a firm that accepts money for carbon offsets. Lets be honest, any testimony that Gore puts forward is only a lobbying effort for his own company. Al Gore is a fraud, he has always been a fraud and he always be a fraud. Afterall, a court in Britian found that Al's movie had a bias and was loaded with scientific inaccuracies.
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