Democrats purposely delaying Stimulus Package

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NY_HOOD, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. NY_HOOD


    these scumbags are purposely delaying the senate package with bulllshit.
    They were trying to sneak in wind mills and planned parenthood aid.
    They want the economy to stay tanked through the election.
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  2. Snarkhund


    Agree, the Democrats would like there to be a deep economic disruption so they will do whatever they can to prolong it and make it more painful.
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  3. Here4money


    fake fucking news

    The GOP threw in a bunch of garbage that would never stick and the bill rightfully got shut down. The GOP obviously playing politics in a time of need so they can have their headlines saying "See, the dems are making the American ppl suffer".
  4. Noone123


    Definitely not voting Democrats this year. Can't stand stupidity.
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  5. Wallet


    Like what exactly?
  6. Here4money


    no guarantees for corporate buy backs w/bail out funds
    money allocation for vague corporations; read casinos.
  7. Wallet


    Haven’t heard that, source?
  8. smallfil


    Democrats writing their own obituary. If they think the victims of their lack of action and delaying tactics to further their partisan agenda is doing them good, think again. A good number of those losing jobs and businesses closing are Democrat voters. Let us see if they see the Democrat politicians in a positive light after they lose their jobs permanently and the businesses they work for close for good. Then, add the fact those people won't have monies to buy groceries, pay rent, pay for gas, pay for medical insurance which they would have lost. Oh, they will all be very pissed and guess at who?
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  9. Wallet


    Here are just a few things Democrats are holding up the Coronavirus Relief Bill for:
    -Corporate Board Diversity
    -College Debt "relief"
    -Election Auditing
    -Canceling the debt of the Postal Service
    -Same-day voter registration
    -Requiring airlines to offset their emissions


    But wait! There's more:
    -Pay Equity
    -Funding for community newspapers
    -Free internet
    -$100,000,000 for NASA's environmental restoration group?
    -Mandatory paid sick leave for every single business
    -hiding the citizenship status of College Students from the Census Bureau
  10. gaussian


    From what I understand I'd probably turn down the bill as well.

    The language on the bailouts was vague enough all the crony capitalist friends of the senators could get away scot free, and the money for Americans language wasn't good enough.

    Dare I say it Pelosi actually made a good decision for once. I hope they keep denying it until we get rid of all the language protecting these welfare grabbing megacorps.

    Link a real source.

    This is 100% about the current bill being a handout for corporations.

    Are you saying the bolded text isn't important?
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