Democrats propose an additional 100billion dollar stimulus package.. on top of the ..

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    Has eveyone in washington lost it?

    Did the US win a multi trillion dollar jackpot we don't know of?

    Where the fu&*^ are we gonna get another 100 billion for a 2nd stimulus package?
    This on top of the 700 billion dollar bailout.

    I am converting my money to pesos.
    Seriously.. the way these people are spending dollar is not gonna be worth the paper its printed on!
  2. Relax... there is plenty of money!
    Anything related to GSE's is off the books, and just today the Federal Debt Ceiling was raised for the second time in 2 weeks to 11.3 Trillion as part of the 700B bailout.,0,431090.story?track=rs

    Plenty of money ON THE BOOKS remaining to be spent!

    As for the peso... move to Encinatas California instead and try to suffocate yourself.
  3. dinoman


    I bet Enron is looking really sexy to a lot of smart people right now. I wonder how much crack the GOV gave the Enron accountants when they hired them. :D
  4. and nobody checking to see if their children are getting good nutrition or is the money spent on booze/drugs.......