Democrats On Verge Of Political Suicide By Prepping "Nuclear Option" On Healthcare.

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  1. Most Americans support public option, you moron.
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    Your an idiot! Obviously, another Obama loving troll!!! Of course the Obama loving networks like CBS, MSNBC, and shit rag newspapers like the New York Times will feed you that bullshit. While real reports and polls show that the majority of Americans have never supported a public option on health care.
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    Yeah but Fox News is not "real"... the White House is saying that.. they are just a wing of the Republican Party... Man, that's edging closer to destroying the freedom of the press, it reminds me of what Hugo Chavez does... This White House and the Democrats are third worldish.. man are they little commie shit heads...

    Bush took shit from the press for eight straight years, he could not do a single thing right in their eyes and his stellar economy never really got noticed by them at all... but he never came out against them and called them a wing of the Democratic Party because he's not a third worldish little pos and he respected the Constitution...
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    I love when you reichtards are so totally out of touch with the American majority. :D

  5. Another brain dead libertard!!! Aren't you glad that responses can be typed in here instead of spoken? I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to speak clearly if you had to, due to all those Obama ass hairs you have stuck in between your teeth~~~. lol
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    Wow, that's even more content-free than usual for a fuckwit. At least the others somewhat address the subject matter. Congrats on being the dumbest cocksucker posting to ET this month. :D
  7. Conservatives fought Social Security, too, and try taking that away now - Republicans dare not tread there.

    I'm not voicing support or dissent for a 'public option,' but I am saying that a public option, if it passes, will become a program that future Americans will never give up if it passes, and Republicans may just be defeating their chances of gaining significant seats in the congress if they vote along party lines - especially Republicans in moderate districts (though there are fewer of this species alive today).
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    Naw. I would never take that title from you!!!! :D :D :D
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    You can't take from me what I don't have. It's all yours, bubba. You sure as hell earned it. :D

    BTW I was responding to trader_t870. So is he your fuck buddy or your sockpuppet? :D :D
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