Democrats must love all this!

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  1. It is deceptively overly simplistic to frame an intelligent discussion along the lines of:

    1) one party benefits over another, or
    2) someone must be liking this market collapse

    no matter what

    this is distressing and painful to all involved, and we are all involved!

    wonder who is telling the truth, or

    just telling what they want to package as truth to suit their own agenda?

    wonder who loses other than just the American people, yet again....
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  2. McCain should step aside and let Ron Paul take the Republican ticket....

    Of course, he won't and I'm sure he couldn't now. But that's the only way we'll see "change."

    I have to say, though, while I'm not a fan of Bush, his tenure came at at a horrible time....

    He came in just as the tech bubble was bursting (he had nothing to do with that).

    He left during a huge mortgage/housing crisis, perhaps near the peak (let's hope). While his administration deserves some blame, so do

    - The Democrat Fannie/Freddie beneficiaries (who refused efforts for reform in 2003)

    - The Carter and Clinton administrations who started much of the politically-correct, throw-the-lending-standards-out-the-door mortgage policies

    - Greenspan

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  3. This is funny. Conservatism as we know is dead. That has been a failed ideology. This mess was started by Reagan. Once Obama becomes president, the confidence will be back and we'll see the markets rally, it will be similar to Bill Clinton years. I can't wait for 1/20/2009.
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  4. Bill Clinton did more than any other President to LEAVE us with this situaton. The tech bubble, the expectations of rate cuts or other govt action for the slightest correction, expanded Community Reinvestment Act and goal to increase homeownership to unsustainable levels...

    Thank Slick Willie.

    And he's 1000X better than O-Scam-A on economic issues. At least he was a Centrist on most issues and pro-free trade.

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  5. dve250


    Just forget the republishits controlled Washington 6 of the last 8 years, no this isn't their fault at all. Just like a worthless republishits to point the blame on someone else and not take any responsibilty. This is why you republishits are a bunch of fat pigwhores with no clue in life and think you're living a good life when it's nothing more than a good death at best.
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  6. Lucrum


    Yeah but look at all the BJ's he got!
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  7. The market is pricing in the fact that there are way too many of you half-wits loose and about fornicating and breeding like rabbits.

    This is what happens when crooked politicians pander to a low-IQ turd voter base.

    When the Crooked use the stupid to stay in charge, society will eventually break apart. Look at Haiti and Somalia.
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  8. WoW ,Trying to blame Bush's failures on Clinton

    It took 41 presidents and over 120 years to get the national debt to 5 trillion dollars,It only took 1 president and 8 years to add another 5 trillion

    When Bush came into office the Government was taking in more money then it was spending under Clinton's Budget and economy

    Bush then introduced his tax cuts for the rich,energy polices that favored his oil buddies at exxon and Saudi Arabia, war for his buddies at Haliburten etc,now we have a 10 trillion debt and a economy in the shitter

    Way to go Bush
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  9. Ah, the voice of reason. :)
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  10. It's a weird ying-yang. Market weakness brought Obama back into the lead but then Obama in the lead fuels further market weakness. The BEST Obama Dem Congress play will be to short Treasuries after the dust of asset weakness settles. Interestingly the Long Bond has WEAKENED on this last leg down in stocks.
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