Democrats must love all this!

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    The government is buying into financial companies, buying commercial paper, getting into the insurance business. If Obummstead gets in we'll have government health insurance and health care. Hell, we're the Soviet Union of old and China. They'll be dicating how we live. Al Gore will be having us prosecuted for smoking in our homes and using lights and furnaces, while he grows the tobacco on his family's land and uses more energy than most people use in a life time to support his own home and lifestyle. Ted Kennedy will be living large and killing off anyone who is in his way. He'll be hanging out with Wild Bill who'll have his own brothel. Hollywood will be cranking out even more propaganda movies on us evil Americans and telling us how we need to change. The news outlets will be able to make up even more news and edit freely without anyone questioning the crap they put out. But the worse thing will be having to listen to Barney Frank take credit for fixing all our problems even though he's one of the bigwigs behind our current problems. Oh at least for the next year or so he, Dodd, and Obummstead won't be getting as much campaign money from Freddie and Fannie, oh but wait they won't need it since they'll just add more fraud to the election system. :D :D :D
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    O'Reilly got a piece of Barney's ass the other night!
    lolha ha ha ha hereha
  3. Figuratively, let's hope...
  4. These markets mean Obama wins - like it or not.
  5. Bush Ownership society. In the end, no one will own anything.

    3 trading sessions ago, we were at Dow 10,000.
    9 trading sessions ago, we were at Dow 11,000.
    Exactly 1 year ago, Dow 14,165, all time high.
    We're at Dow 8500+.

    "The fundamentals of the economy are strong."
  6. Blame it on Obama. The markets are pricing in the fact that he will be the next President of what's left of the USA. Nothing but down and out for the next 4 years.
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    You're almost certainly right.

    And I don't like it.
  8. Not sure I do either, Lucrum. But since this crisis has occured, we've seen a move up in the polls by what...8 points? This close to an election, that's it. Fat lady.
  9. I think obama gets a good deal. markets are coming in cheap. if markets move up anytime in the next 4 years he can show how he helped the equity markets. hey this market just finally priced in how bad bushs administation was.
  10. Mac has a chance to pin this whole thing on the Dems, IF he has the stones to do it. Frank, Dodd, Grimes and more... Obama and his work with Acorn. Question is, will he have the balls to call a spade a spade.
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