Democrats may instigate trade war. Smoot & Hawley dejavu?

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    I think I'll quit opposing such legislation from the Democrats. Not only are they pushing the U.S. over the cliff but they are pushing their party over the cliff, too. It's going to take a lot of work to undo all this garbage being passed and the sooner Obama is impeached and Democrats lose their majorities, the less damage there will be that has to be reversed.

    The country may never elect another Democrat to national office again after the little people figure out what is being done to them.
  2. Replace democrat with republican and that's how the country felt after bush. Now another idiot in office.
    When will America learn that we need independent voices at the helm?
    Keep voting! Its really working.

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    Vote Libertarian!:)
  4. Oh, the good, old Smoot & Hawley Tariff....they used to believe that it was this that caused the Great Depression.
  5. Wishful thinking... I hope that's not how you trade.
  6. A lot of concern in Canada over this possibility right now. After the "buy American" clause was announced in the stimulus bill, many municipalities in Western Canada voted to disallow any American companies from bidding on contracts for their own infastructure projects. This is small scale stuff, but the trade war wheels are already somewhat in motion.
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    World trade has been going down almost every month for a year, its already happening
  8. [
    I wonder if this would be consistent with WTO principles?
    Surely the WTO contemplated Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant
    when signatory members drafted compliance rules? Yea right.
    This is dangerous beyond belief.
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