Democrats Maintain Advantage on Generic Ballot, 48% to 44%

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  1. Democrats have a 48% to 44% advantage for the week of July 19-25 in Gallup tracking of registered voters' preferences for the 2010 congressional elections. This marks the second straight week in which Democrats have held an edge of at least four percentage points.


    Although Republicans have moved to a four-point or higher advantage on three separate occasions, this is the first time either party has held an advantage of that size for two consecutive weeks. Republicans and Democrats have been tied on average across the 21 weeks of Gallup's tracking.
  2. ...and the campaign hasn't even begun yet. People don't really know yet that Republicans have been offering to fellate candidates who...

    1 - Want to repeal the fin reg law.
    2 - Want to repeal the new health insurance law. (The start of summer finds Americans remain divided on the health reform law, but favorable views of the new law increased seven percentage points over the past month to 48 percent, compared to 41 percent who have “generally unfavorable” views and 10 percent who have yet to make up their minds.
    3 - Have called for (right on this board, in another thread) the repeal of, either, universal voting rights or the direct election of senators (the 17th Amendment).

    The list of completely off-the-wall views goes on and on and on.
    Until I got to this board, I was used to having conversations in real life with real life self-styled conservatives, and those conversations being civil, for the most part. But especially since the '08 election, things have gone downhill fast.
    I'm getting especially sick of all these pundits on the business shows whining incessantly about how businesses are paralyzed from all the new regulations, like somehow top business leaders thought a massive financial crisis followed, now, by a catastrophic oil spill would result in less regulation or something.
    Businessmen aren't that stupid. Pundits, apparently, are.