democrats - lets take 108,000,000,000.00 from the taxpayers and give it to the IMF

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by TGregg, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. TGregg


    Your duly elected democrats hard at work taking your money and handing it to a global distribution network so they can hand it out to whomever they like best:
  2. This is what u don't get TGregg, which amazes me, as ur a trader, I suppose.

    It's NOT UR MONEY. It came from the Fed, it will return to the Fed.

    The tokens u earn are nothing more than a medium of exchange to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

    The Fed can and WILL do what it wants with it's product.

    Dems, pubs, green, does not matter what u or anyone else has to say about it. It never did.
  3. Maybe the IMF will use the money to buy GM cars. Oops, I forgot, the african dictators who will get this money only drive Mercedes.
  4. Well, they should at least get a car out of the redistribution of their natural resources into "more useful" hands
  5. Seems like even the moderators on ET don't even TRADE . . . they just post!