Democrats "let the sunshine in

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  1. Today a vote will take place in the Senate to avoid a conference and concur with the landslide 411- 8 vote in the House for the new ethics reform bill proposed by Democratic leaders Harry Reid (Nev.) and Nancy Pelosi (Calif.).

    Pelosi has said that the passing of the so-called Honest Leadership, Open Government Act, will “draw back the curtains, throw up the windows, and let the sunshine in,”

    After 38 years in Congress, Rangel is something of an institution in Washington and his home district of Harlem. Republicans are seeking to highlight the controversy over his finances in the coming election, after Democrats have pounded them on issues of ethics and corruption.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected those calls.

    "I see no reason why Mr. Rangel should step down," she said Tuesday.