Democrats In Wisconsin Fail AGAIN!!! GOP Maintains Senate Majority

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    Union libertards spend over $30 million in these recall elections and still fail to take the state Senate. They gain two seats, but not the three needed. Next week, two Democrats are on the chopping block for recall, with one almost assured to lose his seat, while the other is a toss up. A HUGE failure of a night for Democrats in Wisconsin and nationwide!!!

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    Considering the amount of $$ the unions and DNC spent, this has got to have the libs scared shitless. Just watch. You see all kinds of lunacy over the next few weeks from the left. They are funniest when they are out of power or about to lose power. :D
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    They are flipping out already, threatening to recall the Governor.

    How many times to the citizens of Wisconsin have to signal their intentions via the ballot?

    I'm surprised some left-wing activist judge hasn't tried to overturn any of the failed recalls. Next Tuesday its the Democrat's turn to be recalled and they may actually end up having less seats than when they started.

    The media keeps saying that these recall outcomes are a bellweather for the whole country. If that is true then the liberals have a tough 16-months ahead of them. :)
  5. Expect the violence to pick up now. Once the name calling no longer works, they'll bring the rioters.
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    this is one time the lefts ideal of peace and love should be exhorted.

    if the left starts getting violent here, it will get ugly... the end result I suspect would be a crack down, and loss of rights for all citizens.

    It will start to look like rollerball. which would not be good of idealist old school liberals or libertarians. It would be only good for george soros, Obama and bush types.
  8. People are waking up. They are tied of getting taxed out the wazoo to pay lavish salaries and benefits for unionized government workers, who resort to goon tactics when their scam is threatened.

    They are tired of getting taxed out the wazoo to pay for benefits to ungrateful welfare parasites, who seem to spend all their time producing illegitimate babies and ruining whatever neighborhood they are provided housing in.

    They are tired of having their values mocked by elites and having their religious faith attacked by government or left wing bullies like the ACLU.

    I like Mitt Romney, but I am beginning to doubt that a rich, smug guy who only takes a position on the debt ceiling after the firing stops is the guy to harness this outrage. Michelle Bachmann has some faults no doubt, but lack of genuineness is not one of them. People sense they can trust her and she is the rare pol who won't sell them out.
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    Way to go Cheese Heads! The country is proud of you. Seriously!
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    I tend to agree. We do not need another president who does a cost benefit analysis related to votes or campaign contributions before he figures out his position. We need a person who is serious about changing the way washington is run by people who bribe congress.

    we need a fair flat tax. so that all of america buys into fiscal responsibility.

    We need jobfare not welfare.
    we need to get lobby money out.

    The crooks in washington have to start doing what is right for the people who pay taxes.

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