Democrats Form Circle, Open Fire

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  1. Heading into the elections, democrats face a president with historically low approval ratings, a dispirited republican congressional opposition, unprecedented advantages in fund raising and a rock star presidential candidate facing a 72 year old opponent who is despised by the base of his own party. Recipe for success? One would think, but leave it to the democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    The democrats have hit on a winning formula. they hide the revolting lefties in the basement until after the election and run fake conservatives like Jim webb to fool voters into thinking they are voting for normal people instead of Nancy Pelosi/Maxine Waters clones.

    Apparently however the formula is breaking down. Perhaps the nomination of a confirmed marxist for president has loosed all restraints on the loony left wing of the party. Now they are all over the news advocating a hugo chavez strategy for the oil industry, eg nationalize it. They are so far out in loony land they don't even appreciate that reasonable people consider Chavez a dangerous nutcase, not a model for our energy policy. Watch this moron replying to Cavuto's incredulous question about the wisdom of emulating Chavez.

    John McCain just got handed the election on a silver platter, if he can rouse himself off the couch and stop attacking his own supporters.
  2. the republicans deserve the ass kicking they are going to get for nominating a guy that is so clearly a dottering old fool that cant make a speach much better than bush.
    even koolaide drinkers like you have to cringe everytime mcbush speaks.
  3. Oh yes, John McInsane will stay the Bush course...

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  4. Unfortunately the masses probably don't even know who Chavez is, nor that they're buying his gas at Citco. And they sure as hell don't know what a Marxist is. They just know Obama's young, not bad looking and wants CHAAANNGGEE.
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  6. Well said, and lets not forget the collective white guilt of all the idiots that live in the cities of California and NY, I see Obama as a shoo in. The democrats almost never miss an opportunity to lose, and but now that McCain's campaign is trying to take a page from the democrat playbook (pandering to illegal aliens, etc.), I trust McCain will out-lose Obama.
  7. may be true, but the collective white guilt of California and NY will have absolutely nothing to do with it. Why? Because they would go democrat no matter who was running. Popular vote doesn't matter for the Prez office. You could win Cal by 5% or 30%, same result.

    It will make election night interesting however, because many analysts believe Obama could crush Mac in the popular vote and still lose. This would be attributed to the massive victories in Cal, NY and Illinois.