Democrats Fly American Flag With Obama's Picture

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Mar 14, 2012.

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  2. Even the most ardent liberals should find this kind of shit disturbing.....

  3. I suspect a false flag, actually.

    Did they find out who created that flag? Yeah, that is quite disturbing, but again, I sense something might be amiss.
  4. I wish veterans in the south would get just as angry over the confederate flag
  5. Just goes to show, the republicans don't have a total monopoly on stupidity. The difference is this was a small community democratic headquarters. The GOP stupidity comes from up high in the ranks as exemplified by Santorum.
  6. pspr


    LOL You expected a flag with Obama instead of stars was a real flag?

    It's a false flag alright. Maybe not in the terms you were hoping.
  7. Im Pretty sure by "False Flag" he meant a false flag operation by the Republicans, but the fact of the matter is the flag was being flown at building for the Lake County Democrats, and it was supported by the democratic party chair.

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    I was just yanking RCG's chain. He's such an easy mark. He comes up with this yet he says we are the ones with the conspiracy theories.
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    Why? It's a real flag, with historical significance.
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    Do you enjoy being wrong?
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