Democrats fleeing Wisconsin

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  1. Hope the door hits them hard in the a$$ on the way out, they all head North and tell them to drag all of the Union leaders with them. I hear the North Pole is nice this time of year.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    this is fucking hilarious!

    you couldnt make this up. anyone, and i mean anyone who thinks we are not headed for an all out global meltdown of biblical proportions based on what is happening in this world is deluded.
  3. Great Beer . . .

    Spot on statement!

    The worst part of all of this is that it could be avoided.

    If arrogrance on the part of the world leaders were gunpowder . . . a single match would destroy the earth.
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    Didn't the same thing happen a few years ago in another state and the cops were sent to get them?
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    It would be wonderful if EVERY Democrap left the country!!!!
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  7. Unfortunately the only border they are crossing is south into Illinois. I wish it were north to Canada, I'd make a call and get them all put on the terroist watch list and banned from returning.
    F'ing public employees are being asked to contribute to their pensions, and pay in for health benefits. The cuts still leave them way ahead of the private sector, but you'd think they were being told to line up for the gas chambers.
    They aren't sure right now whether they are in legal trouble for running away.
  8. Notice how the Democrats' concern is to protect a special interest group rather than legislate for "the people of WI".... who would be the ones paying for whatever benefits the special interest group is able to extort.
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    Democrats in WI cannot stand another political party ramming a piece of legislation down their throats. What piece of shit hypocrites the Democratic Party truly is!!!!!! Wasn't it the Democrats that rammed a trillion dollar entitlement called 'Obamacare' down the throats of the people, when poll after poll has shown that we don't want this absolute crap legislation that will bankrupt the country, lessen our personal health care choices, increase the costs of health ins. policies, lead to rationing of care, etc.......
    I can't wait for that vote in WI!!!! All unions are pure scum!!!!!! Hey Democrats, how does it feel to have legislation you don't like rammed down 'your' throats??????? I'm LOVING it!!!!!!!! :D
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