Democrats. First Gay Marriage, then Pedophilia...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by version77, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Since it appears that Democrats are pushing gay marriage, I expect
    their next move will be to alow adults to marry children and animals.

    Why can't they see perverts for what they are?

    Are they blind or just plain stupid?

    Maybe their has been a lot of inbreeding up in the hills of Arkansas.

    Look what it did to Clinton. Five generations of inbreeding.
  2. You have shown us a high degree of competence in logical thinking/ reasoning. :D
  3. hmmm... hey you forgot your medications. Or perhaps you are the product of inbreeding. How else could someone be this stupid?
  4. I will say this: If same-sex marriage becomes "lawful" it will be difficult for a court to rule against incest. Once you say "any two consenting adults......." Might as well can the estate tax altogether. Sons marrying widowed Mom will be the tax avoidance ruse of the future.
  5. Timing of this post seems rather odd, especially with all the Evangelical leader involvement, and Foley (wonder why they're keeping him in rehab until after the election?).

    Look, "perverts" who hurt children or any other human being are not restricted to any particular political party. Bring bestiality into the conversation is just crazy. If you don't like marriage, or don't like gays, then don't get married and don't hang out with gays, that's your right. But I don't feel that it's anyone's right to push their beliefs on anyone else. Which bible are you trying to protect? Whose God is better? How many fanatical televangelists have gone to jail?

    Maybe lay off the Limbaugh Kook-Aid for a bit, put down the Oxy for a while. Letting people live their lives in peace will not make you gay, only "God" can make you gay, if you believe that He is all powerful.

    Keep all the churches out of politics, we're having enough trouble just getting by every day.

  6. There's a pleasant thought. It would definitely be the end of marriage as we know it, as it's been known for thousands of years.

    What progress in tolerance!

    (probably shouldn't feed this guys threads. He argues counter to his intended points very effectively)
  7. Nice to see a fresh face trying to get through to the nutbags.

    Unfortunately, it's a lost cause.

    Remember, these virulent homophobes are usually men who have had feelings of attraction to other men themselves (remember, up to 20% of men have such feelings). They are emotionally immature, unprepared for these feelings, and unable to deal with them. Also, they have been told (usually by someone in a church) that homosexuality is 'immoral'. Thus, they lash out. Figuring out what motivates their hate rants isn't rocket science.

    There are a few noted homophobe/closet-types on these boards. version77 is one of the prominent ones.
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    Why is it such a jump to think that if we have to accept homosexuality as normal and ok we wont be asked to accept pedophelia and beastiality as normal? It was not too long ago that they were all seen as one in the same, but now social ideas change about what we must accept and not accept.

    What about this: Gay's make the claim they are born that way, and I will not agrue the point that they are. Pedophiles also claim that they are born that way. Today we see acting on one urge as ok and normal and the other as terribile. I know a lot of things can be said that children can not choose and two adults can, and that is a very valid point, but my point is that it is a slippery hill with all of these issues, where do we draw the line and say I will pass judgement on you for your private behavior? There has to be some point at which we do that, but what is it? I don't know and the line gets thinner and thinner every day.
  9. yeah who gives a rat ass about whom and how your gay neighbor is gonna marry?
    are u in such trouble dealin' with your own issues that u gotta preuccupy uself with what others are doin'? wtf, i cannot undertand how gay marriage is possibly gonna have an effect on your life and your marriage itself. now, time to begin deal with your freakin' problems and get lost.
  10. No one is required to actually accept the legal behavior of others, there is no law against someone hating or judging or thinking negatively about a person because of the color of their skin, gender, ethnicity, sexual preferences, etc.

    The law requires tolerance of actions and abiding by the law, not acceptance of someones actions as "moral" or "normal." No one going to force the Evangelicals to think any differently than they think right now.

    The point is that equal protection under the law should extend to all people, not just the majority...this is about minorities being given equal rights under the law, marriage being a legal contract.

    Normal really has nothing to do with it, as who is to really say what is normal?

    You? The Pope? Bush? Kerry? Cheney? Clinton?

    See what I mean?

    The law doesn't make evaluations of normal actions and contractual arrangement per say, it makes evaluations of what actions and contracts are legal and binding, and protected by law.

    The point is that "normal" is in the eye of the beholder, but the concept of justice being blind shields it from the bias of "normal" versus "abnormal."

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