Democrat's Don't Believe in God

Discussion in 'Politics' started by version77, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. That is what my dad told my Democrat loving mom.

    I think he is right.

    This is how I see Democrats:

    1-Democrat's love to kill (murder) babies (abortion).

    2-They love to love the homo's. (pro-gay, no morals).

    3-They want to tax you to death. And then some more...

    4-They are communistic types, like the hippies from the '60's.

    5-They like to protest wars, or anything for that matter.

    6-Constantly gripe about anything Republicans do.

    7-They would rather save an owl and starve a family with children.

    8-They want free handouts at every turn (Welfare,education, ect)...

    9-Against the Death Penalty (save the child killing rapist's, ect)...

    10-Want to keep a failing SS system and block people's choice
    on how to save for retirement (big fat government policy).

    11-Don't care how strong our Military is to protect our country.

    12-Bleeding Heart Liberals for every cause known to man. Or animal.

    13- I am pretty sure all Atheist's are Democrats.

    14-Majority of females are Democratic? The feminine party?

    How anyone can be a Democrat and live with themselves is unbelievable.

    I think they are weak compared to Republicans.

    It will be a shame and travesty if they take over the House/Senate...:(

    Okay, flame away you libbies...:D
  2. RedDuke



    Are you delusional?

    Let's just take this sentence:
    1-Democrat's love to kill (murder) babies (abortion).

    It says it all.

    Now, if it were not for democrats we would be living in a country where we must work 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week for pennies and where everything is controlled by few large corporations with virtually no competition.

    Now, if it were not for republicans, we would live in a bit anarchic society with taxes through the roof, social programs where you could stay home and still have decent living for life.

    These are just few examples.

    Either far left or far right is bad. Centrist is the only was to go. But I guess you are too one sided to realize this.
  3. Your dad was an ignorant man. was he educated at all?
  4. Is that all you can say libby?...:p I suppose you are an Atheist?

    BTW... my dad is a CPA and owns his own company to boot.

    He is worth over 20 Million. How about you?

    I bet you don't even have one million. Probably not even 100K.

    I bet you believe in tax the rich, give to the poor fat lazy slob theory?

    Like all Democrats? I bet your dad taught you to be a libby lover...:p

    In our state their is a vote on whether people who die with over
    2 million should give up to 19% of their wealth to the state instead
    of being able to pass it on to their children.

    They call it a Death Tax. So if it passes, and my dad dies next week,
    he should have to cough up almost 4 million to the state.

    Why in the hell do Democrats think the rich should pay so much in

    Because the are Bloodsuckers... Pure and simple...
  5. Likely story. Well if he is educated then he is an educated bigot. Must be fun to be around. What state is it. Hillbilly country?
    Actually i have been a register republican all my life and have never voted democrat yet but you religious bigots are driving me away.
  6. Dude, you can only be on one side or the other. There is no
    middle ground.

    There are Democrats and their are Republicans. Understand?

    I see you picked out the abortion (murder) sentence. Interesting.

    Around 2 million are put to death each year in the USA I believe.

    Those libbies love to kill their babies...

  7. You sound weak like a Democrat... Go be one then...
  8. Artie21


    Too bad your mother is a murderer, version777, since she is a Dem. Maybe she is a crack smoking dick sucking welfare nigger ho also.
  9. You and your dad sound like fine christian men spreading the "good news".
    Just remember you baited us by starting this thread.
  10. That's right. The word needs to get out that Democrats do not believe in God.
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