Democrats can chose the next president.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bigarrow, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. There is a good chance a republican, any republican could beat Obama in the next election. Democrats should decide which republican running would be the most palatable and someone they could work with and some with an above average IQ.
    This would help protect the country from the dimwits ala Palin and Jesus fanatics.
    Romney might be a good choice for the dems, he's smart and accomplished and doesn't seem like a party line fanatic and being a Morman he sure isn't a Jesus nut. It will require voting in the republican primary though and that might be hard for some to do.
  2. Post a credible poll showing a actual Republican clearly beating Obama in 2012
  3. Why ? Yesterdays poll was clear.

  4. To back up this statement :confused:

    "There is a good chance a republican, any republican could beat Obama in the next election"
  5. Sarah Palin 2012!!!! WOO HOO.

    Alot can happen in 2 years, right dems? 2 years before the presidential election, most of the world wouldnt have imagined a black man being president of the US. 2 years from now, we could have Palin as president.
  6. She has my vote in the GOP primary:)
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  8. I'd love him ,Sarah or any Tea Party candidate.
  9. If I thought Obama would spank her like the polls say she would get my primary vote too. But the thought that Palin could win is to fearful.
  10. You would have nothing to fear.
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