Democrats are hypocrites

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    OK, I'll make a list. If I am missing any please free to add. By the way this list also proves a very interesting point about democrats and liberals in general. They basically live their lives like republicans but preach democratic values to win elections. Here goes the list. One more thing, I am focusing on the elite liberals and those not living on the street.

    1) Liberals, especially hollywood limousine liberals say they are for the environment, yet how many of them drive gas guzzzling SUV's that get 6 miles to the gallon.

    2) Liberals like the Gores and the Clintons espouse the virtues of a strong public school system yet they themselves spent thier whole life in the most expensive private schools. In Al Gore's case it was St. Albans, the most expensive in the nation.

    3) Liberals say they want universal health care but not for them. No they have the money to choose any hospital or any doctor they choose. They will never be on a list with 30,000 names on it have a specialized procedure.

    4) Liberals say they don't mind paying taxes, but yet some of the most famous and well known liberals set up trusts and foundations to shelter that very income from taxes. Most pay very little in tax because they can afford the best tax attorney's and tax consultants.

    5) Most liberals want to abolish guns, of course don't tell that to their armed security team that patrols their private estates. And those rich liberals who don't have body guards, live in nice posh neighborhoods where security isn't a problem.

    You see, they are basically republicans behind closed doors, but in public office they are liberals. But if liberals want to live like conservatives what does that say about conservative values and the conservative way of life, must be something there. Now I would love for anyone to make a list of republicans and how they live like liberals behind closed doors. Good luck.
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  2. Great points. I saw a survey that said unionized teachers send their own kids to private schools at far higher rates than the average family. You search the DC, Maryland and Virginia public schools in vain for the kids of rich liberal politicians. At the same time they fight vouchers tooth and nail. Guess that whole diversity thing that they claim is so essential doesn't apply to them.
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    I, as I am sure many others, look forward to your exposing by name the liberals you have cited above.
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    mav baby, I see that you are still on line, and posting up a storm on other threads, so I thought I'd bring this one to the top again.

    Ain't it a bitch when one of them cocky liberals calls you on the carpet, and asks you to actually back up your inane charges? I know it is - that's why I did it.
  5. tampa,

    I can easily name three liberals who exhibit these flaws. I won't ask you to name anyone who is suffering without health care, since I know you can't. Just give me a rough estimate of how much you would raise taxes to pay for all these "crises" you see.

    Rich liberal hypocrites: Tom Dashcle, Barb Streisand, Ted Kennedy, Diane Feinstein, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Rosie O'Donnell, Ariana Huffington, Ted Danson, Whoopie Goldberg, et al ad nauseam.

    The point about schools is a simple one. These rich liberal hypocrites send their own kids to private schools, yet they frustrate reform in public schools, plus they fight tooth and nail against the one lifeline poor parents have, vouchers. Why? Because they put the interests of the NEA over education for poor kids. After all, it doesn't affect their own kids.
  6. Might you explain how having Universal Health Care would prevent rich liberals or conservatives from obtaining care from doctors and facilities of their choice? My understanding of the concept is that the program would pay for care for those who currently cannot afford it. Please enlighten me as to how the rich would be forced to forgo care they now enjoy?

    This is truly amazing in its' ignorance. When the system is full because it is free then where do they go? The rich in some socialized medicine countries can afford to come to the USA for treatment when what they want is unavailable because it is either not provided of the waiting list is too long. You better check it out.
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    AAA baby...could you be a little bit more to the point in indicating which of the liberals you mentioned is guilty of which charge - I know that painting with a broad brush is your stock and trade, and I'm just trying to help you refine your attacks.

    BTW - a system that is really designed primarily to finance religious private schools with public money is not exactly a program to "improve" public education..

    Apparently one virtue that rich liberals have that neo-con Republicans lack is the desire to pay out of trheir own pockets for private education for their kids - neo-cons want me to pick up the bill.
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    Golly Doubter, exactly who was it that has called for a "free" health care program in America. Mercy, if you don't mind my saying so, your ignorance is amazing. Perhaps you should read more than the sports page. The only system I know of that has seriously been talked about is called something like "single payer", or something. It is a partnership of private insurers and government guaranteed coverage. Do you have health care? If so, do you spend all of your time at the doctors? I didn't think so - it's only the working poor - currently the only people without coverage - who would do that.

    Give me a fucking break. How dare you call me ignorant. You are a cheap, ugly little man, without an ounce of compassion, but a ton of worthless excuses to deny decent hard working Americans health coverage.
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    Guy's there's no reason that in this new age era of global prosperity that we can't have it all. I too want to be an idealist! Count me in. Let's get our slice of the PIE !!

    Congress shall neither infringe nor underfund: The right to a free education, lunch, books, and transportation from K3 through post graduate studies. The right to free Universal healthcare, including abortions, prescription drugs, mental health therapy, and botox shall be provided for all citizens and illegal immigrants. No state may pass a law calling for the incarceration of a convicted felon. Congress must pass by a two-thirds super majority any tax decrease that allows the rich or working middle class to not work six months per year as serfs for Federal, state, and local Governments. The right to free, regulated energy, except for SUV owners, shall not be abridged. All members of the Global community shall be allowed to live in these United States, but no corporation may export a job overseas. The second amendment is hereby repealed, all militia will now be sanctioned only by the U.N., and of course gun-ownership need not be banned, since before the passage of this amendment, all firearms manufactures will be sued out of existence and their executives enslaved to Louis Farrakhan.
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    Wow, dunno how you can be a success as a trader without a fundamental understanding of free markets. I mean, this is a no-brainer, big time.

    Imagine a society that says transportation should be free to all. I realize this causes a conflict in the liberals heart, a free thing, but one that benefits big companies. . . and it's way past me bedtime.

    Anyway, imagine what happens to this Utopia? The feds fix the rate that they will pay for gas, and if you don't like it, tough luck. What do you think happens to supply? Do you understand how price restrictions increase demand? It's hard to believe, but my opinion of you Tampa has dropped even lower.
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