Democrats are Bloodsuckers

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  1. My dad is a CPA and owns his own company to boot.

    He is worth over 20 Million.

    In our state their is a vote on whether people who die with over
    2 million should give up to 19% of their wealth to the state instead
    of being able to pass it on to their children.

    They call it a Death Tax. So if it passes, and my dad dies next week,
    he should have to cough up almost 4 million to the state.

    Why in the hell do Democrats think the rich should pay so much in

    Because the are Bloodsuckers... Pure and simple...

    People moved here from England to get away from this BS....:mad:
  2. What 16 million isnt enough for you?
  3. jem


    That is not the point. His dad already paid taxes on his income. (presumably).
  4. So what. if we as a society decide that over 20 million an asset transfer tax at death is a reasonable thing then its the law. that is part of the cost of living in a democratic republic.
  5. But why does the law only apply to people with over $2 Million?
    (Not too sure I mentioned this before)...

    Why not tax the hell out of everyone at Death?

    The ads supporting this say that 99.5% will not be affected by this law.

    No kidding. And they say the money will go for education. Like they
    can't get $$$ from anywhere else. We are already taxed to Death.

    They are using this "education" thing to put on a guilt trip.

    Jeez, I wonder if it is going to pass...

    Another handout coming!
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    Socialism is expensive you know.

    BTW, My wife says I'm available for adoption if your dad is interested in another son.

  7. Lotof things can happen to your inheritance on the way from Daddyo's house to yo house.

  8. My dad was worth jack shit. He was hard worker but he didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Now I'm approaching levels of comfort he could never imagine.

    But he knew the difference between their, there and they're.

    You should be quite proud of your dad. And you should attend a remedial English class and worry about other shit later.

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  9. As a CPA he should know how to eliminate that problem legally and painlessly .
  10. Oh but he did. Do you think he's been paying his fair share of taxes during all these know being a CPA and knowing every loophole.

    And you version77, you earn your own 20 mln, you lazy bum, your father should give it all to charities, not to his idiot son.
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