Democrats are already hurting stocks - Barrons

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDODGE, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Here is a snip of a Barron's article posted today:

    The whole “risky U.S. political climate” thing is an entirely bizarre attempt to the possibility of the Democrats winning the White House to the falling share price of a specialty semiconductor stock. Really, here is what he says:

    “The risk of higher corporate income taxes, higher dividend taxes, higher capital gains taxes, and higher income taxes for individuals making more than $100,000 a year, in combination with new government regulation, a more-fertile climate for trial lawyers, and a generally anti-business climate, we believe adds a significant risk to the U.S. and indeed ultimately to the whole world economy, and it has already started to depress stock prices such as that of SIGM.”
  2. amen to that
  3. empee


    by this logic, I wonder how much of a democratic "discount" is priced in (or how much of a Republican bonus) we could expect with a GOP win.

    What interesting is that some time ago I saw statistics that showed the market did better under dem Presidents than repubs. However, this was refuted because it was largely attributed to GOP control of Congress (or a specific House + able to stop the Dems).

    But if thats the case, than doesn't that mean the President would be irrelevant?

    (I guess, the idea is that how it was all GOP would be good, and the market DID rise when GOP was in control House/Senate/President) priced in US Dollars.

    Which of course, begs the question for another thread, if it goes up in nominal terms but down in real terms, is it up or down?
  4. Considering the majority of posters on ET are far-left Americans and socialist Europeans, Canadians (which has always been inexplicable - even hypocritical - how can you trade in the financial markets of which you do not believe in)...prepare for a barrage of attacks to dispute this, my friend.