Democrats Are All In

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugscoe, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Each morning I get up I go over news sites reading headlines to get a feel for the mood, if you will, of current political events.

    Over the past couple weeks the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of the left indicates they are all in running on pure demagoguery.

    Yesterday Obama claimed the repubs are holding a gun to the head of the American people. Another is calling the GOP suicide bombers, another claims christians hate America, another says draconian.

    I could go on if I searched some more. It used to be statements like this came up once in a while. Now it's a daily occurrence with each day having multiple instances.

    These people have got nothing! They've got no success stories, no actual economic data points to talk about, nothing. Their only strategy is to point the finger away from their own leadership and claim the minority party wants to kill you.

    It's really pathetic to witness.
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    I've noticed the same. They all got the memo that they can't win next year on the facts.


    "Facts are to Democrats like Kryptonite is to Superman"
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    Precisely what we're saying about the right.

    Let's move on to something productive.
  5. Lol. That's the point. This is their idea of something productive to talk about.
  6. This is government in general. I don't see any politicians who have actually accomplished something that helps anything other than their reelection statistics.