Democrats and OWS finally admit they are communists

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Aug 20, 2012.

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    At least Ricter can come out of the closet now and join in.

    Former union boss at Occupy event: Our goal is to ‘overthrow the capitalist system and build communism’

    Published: 1:16 AM 08/20/2012
    By Matthew Boyle
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    Former Amalgamated Transit Union local 689 president Mike Golash told an Occupy DC gathering on August 19, 2012 that his goal is to overthrow capitalism in the United States and institute a Communist government. (YouTube)

    Former Amalgamated Transit Union local 689 president Mike Golash, now an “Occupy” movement organizer, was caught on tape Sunday revealing his political goals: overthrowing capitalism in the United States and instituting a communist government.

    “Progressive labor is a revolutionary communist organization,” Golash said during an Occupy DC “People’s Assembly” on August 19.

    “Its objective,” he added, “is to make revolution in the United States, overthrow the capitalist system and build communism.”

    Golash said he and his comrades are “trying to learn something from the historical revolutions of the past: the Russian revolution, the Chinese revolution, the revolutions in Cuba and Eastern Europe.”

    “What can we learn from them so we can build a more successful movement to transform capitalist society?”

    “An organization has to be built which can bring down capitalism,” Golash said.

    “The capitalists — they have their organizations: the FBI, the CIA, the secret police, the military, the army, etc., etc. They have organizations to maintain their power. It’s foolish to think that without a disciplined organization made up not of a few people but of millions and millions of people, [we] can bring down capitalism.”

    The video, posted on YouTube late Sunday, was shot by young conservative activists Nick Tomboulides, Andrew McCaughey and Danielle Saul. The Occupy DC event was held at Luther Place Church in downtown Washington, D.C.

    Golash recently retired from his job as a public transit bus driver. The ATU local 689, which he used to lead, bills itself as the third-largest union local in North America.

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  2. Ricter


    What makes you think I was ever in the closet about being a commie?
  3. Maverick74


    No, I mispoke. On here among friends, of course we knew. I mean in your personal life outside of ET. :)
  4. Ricter


    All who know me, and who will discuss the taboo subjects (religion, politics, and Ford vs. Chevy), know that I'm a commie and proud of it. : )
  5. pspr


    So, Ricter admits he is a 'Commie Dog'. Go ahead and comment on my use of quotes, 'Commie Dog.'
  6. Which is why many of us doubt your claims of running a successful business.
  7. Maverick74


    I respect Ricter's honesty. Most of our left wing nuts on this forum are too scared to even call themselves liberals. They like to be seen as centrists. Ricter knows that's all nonsense.

    Now, what to do about these commies....:)
  8. Give me a break. "Riddler" is anything but "honest". Have you read any of the threads with Tsing Tao and others who challenged his addiction to "all things Krugman"?
  9. pspr


    Where's Joe McCarthy when you need him?

    On another note, maybe Ricter bought his farm so he could start a commune. I wonder how many other commies he has working on the farm? But it's so 60ish.
  10. Maverick74


    OK, I should have more clearly defined it as Ricter is at least honest about his beliefs. He has always stated on here he was a communist and with pride. That's not an easy thing to do.
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