democratic victory assured

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    The republicans who voted no just committed political suicide....not to mention hurting those around them.
  2. Wasn't McCain against this in the first place? He can now say he saved all this money going to Wall Street so the voters will think he saved them this cash and now they should vote for him for President.
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    Its possible that people may not get paid this Friday...that people may not be able to renew their mortgages....interest rates will go sky high...people loose their jobs.

    Hard to imagine the average American happy about this...their credit card rates may go sky high, and their credit limit will sink. Home prices will plummet.

    Thank you Republicans. I am looking to buy a cheap home in California!
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    Its also possible that the sun will not rise tomorrow.

    Why would that bailiout have done exactly.

    Who would it have made more creditworthy.

    Why would it have made getting credit any easier.

    It was for 700b.. I would venture to say San Diego alone is 700b upside down.

    The country is probably - right now 4-7 trillion upside down. Who knows where it will stop.

    Prices are not coming back until people with money are willing to make - 100% loans with no documentation to people who can't afford them.

    That was a 700billion dollar pay off to wall street.

    Now if you want to do something which would have a mulitiplier effect - spend 700b on trains, alternative fuels, wind solar and high mileage cars.

    Buying worthless paper - was and is destined to failure. That paper trades at 1-7 cents on dollar because that is the market telling you what its future hold to maturity value is...
  5. I believe most of those voting no heard loud and clear from their constituents that they didn't want this deal. Then Pelosi tried to hang the whole thing on Bush and the republicans. No way they go along after that. It would look like they agreed with her assessment.

    This whole thing is clearly helping democrats now though. No question.
  6. Constituents were calling in 100 - 1 against the bailout, so I don't see the logic here.
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    In this forum?

    What were you thinking?


  8. That's called free market and capitalism. This will be the best thing that ever happened to this Country. Mark my words! People have to take responsibility for this Country. If you want to sit back and let others take care of your life... this is what will happen!
  9. Typical FEARFUL SCUM that now pollutes the ranks of the american citizenry.....soft as a warn turd, and as weak as a crack informant. You would make those from 1776 proud.....hang your colors inverted, your under cowardly duress!!!
  10. That partisan speech by that incredible asshole Pelosi can't be helping Republicans...
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