Democratic Party embroiled in sex abuse scandal

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  1. Democratic Party embroiled in sex abuse scandal

    Once again the Democratic party is embroiled in a scandal where a senior Democratic male staffer is abusing an underage teenage volunteer boy in the organization. And yet once again the Democratic party shows itself to be no different than the Catholic church by covering up and hiding the abuse.
  2. The story that just keeps on giving...

    Nobody knows where the money came from to pay off the victim. There may be more than one male victim who was sexually abused by the Democratic leadership in NC.

    Now they are demanding that the Democratic chairman also resign.

    State officials demand that NC Democratic Party chairman resign
  3. The Democratic sex scandal in North Carolina is further proof of why Charlotte is the perfect location for the Democratic national convention this year.

    Especially when the scandal involves the senior leadership abusing young men & teenage boys - this aligns fully with the agenda pushed by the Democratic party.
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    Dem Gov On Sexual Harassment Charge Against NC Dems: "Get Over It"

    Gov. Bev Perdue (D-NC) on the NC Democratic Party's sexual harassment scandal: "Get Over It." (April 17, 2012).

    "I am the transparency governor," Perdue maintained.

    "John, get over it. None of us ever condone or put up with or tolerate sexual harassment," she said to a reporter.

    And if this were the Repubs, then she (and the rest of the Dem Party, not to mention the AWOL NOW) would be the first to pound the drums until you were deaf.
  5. David Parker, the chairman of the NC Democratic Party, hosts a news conference and attempts to describe the sexual harassment as "horse play".

    This does not go over very well with the press, who note that Sandusky's defense is that it was simply "horse play".

    See the reporter's question starting at 32:30 and the Sandusky reference at 32:45 or so in the press conference video.