democratic obfuscation-nobody even blinks when they see it anymore

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fhl, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Obama and the democrats have called a proposed new welfare payment a "tax cut".

    It is beginning to show up on blogs that his proposed revenue neutral tax plan is a "tax relief" plan. (see brett steenbarger's bog)

    I propose that Bush bomb the H out of Iran's nuclear facilities before he leaves office and call it a "diplomatic peace initiative".
  2. Nothing new. Ever heard of the Earned Income Credit. Same thing.

    How does one get a Tax Credit, if one does not pay Federal Income Taxes? More government math I guess.
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    Don't forget the "rebates" we received, including people who didn't pay any taxes. Go up to a Ford dealer and ask him if you can have a rebate on a new car without buying the car.

    Maybe if he is a democrat he'll say yes. :D
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    "Obama will buy my gas and pay my mortgage!"---unmarried female Obama supporter

    Post election surveys show unmarried women supported Obama by a 70%-29% margin over Mccain. They "put Obama over the top".

    There might be a correlation between intelligence and voting patterns----me