Democratic Majority + Severe Recession = End of your Trading Career

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  1. First off I have to say this thread is Career related. So please don't move it to Politics and Religion.

    Lets face it:

    * Obama is going to win the election.

    * Democrats will pick up seats and will have a monopoly on government.

    * Market is telegraphing a Severe Recession.

    Bush, even with a Republican majority greatly expanded the size and power of government - and they were supposed to religiously support smaller government. Now that the Democrats will have a monopoly on government, I have no doubt that they will try to destroy the market.

    Here is what I expect:

    1 A huge increase in capital gains tax.

    2 A transaction tax.

    3 Outlawing many derivatives (they will call them weapons of mass destruction like Warren Buffet).

    BTW I'm not partisan. Republicans created this mess and Democrats will make sure it gets worse.
  2. I'd like to think the things you mention are not going to happen but who the hell knows.

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    Read this...

    Obama's plan is to increase capital gains for those that are already making .25 mill or more. In the bottom paragraph he says he will eliminate cap. gains tax on startups. Fuck yeah. Sounds fair to me. Helps the little guys get on their feet, and if you are already making bucko bucks, why not give a little back since you already established yourself.
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    You are so gullible. It's people like you who know nothing that is going to get this idiot elected. $250,000/year is not much, not at all. I know doctors that run their practice that make well above that, but with expenses they are only brining home 100k/year. Taxing will only make it worse. People that make over 250k don't necessarily have extra money to just "help out", a lot more goes in to it. And even if they did, they probably deserve the money and just be able to keep it. Taxing the rich does not work, it's basic economics.
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    Do I need to even explain this to you?
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    you're a TERRORIST!
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    Actually both of the terrorist parties (REP and DEM) created this party. That's why many of us are watching the hard earned dollars of our parents and grand parents get decimated by the farce B.S. our government set-up. (with help of others) When it all ends I thinks Socialism will laugh at us all!
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    yeah no one was able to make money as a trader after 1907, or 1929, or 1970, or 1987, or 1991, or 2001.

    stop w/ the silly sensationalist posts. consider european traders in super high tax countries or countries previously in teh stranglehold of communism. dont be short-sighted. only those w/ determination and skill will survive, as usual. you'll be able to tell you 'glory days/the system is rigged' story to the boys over beers after your shift at the mill.
  10. Okay - dumb thread I admit it. I'm just scared right now. Moderator delete thread please.
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