Democratic Gov. Defends Palin's Experience

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    Governor Rod Blagojevich, Democrat of Illinois, Obama's home state, defends Palin's experience by stating the following:

  2. I know Blagojevich mentioned how he's an Obama supporter ect. but what an ironic story. Blagojevich is the guy who Obama backer Tony Rezko was ultimately convicted of making improper contributions to. I wonder if Blago is pissed. He's going to be indicted and the guy who was as dirty as him might go to the White House. Only in Chicaaaago.,0,1226676.story,0,1226676.story
  3. Blagojevich was the first Governer to endorse Obama.

    Obama as usual, threw Blagojevich under the bus when convention time came around.

    Obama had Lisa Madigan, Emil Jones and Alex Giannoulias and Daley speak, but did not invite Blagojevich to the convention.

    Look who is under the bus. Wright, Had church put him into "retirement" with a $2 million house and now his book has been pushed untill after the election. His white grandma, John Edwards (were has he gone), Jesse Jackson, Blagojevich,
    Ayers(why is no one talking to him), WSJ story about all Obama's Columbia college buddies arn't talking.
  4. Umm... so? Does that have some significance? Did the first governor to endorse McCain speak at the convention?

    So let me understand the argument that you guys are throwing up (and I use "throwing up" in all senses of the word) -- Blagojevich is corrupt, and how dare Obama not invite him to speak at the convention.

    Again... so? Hey, just a thought, rather that ascribe evil intentions to the opposition, why not just compare policies and choose who you like based on the proposed policies?

    So is Obama incompetent or is he evilly rubbing his hands together and plotting these incredibly detailed and contrived evil plots?
  5. Blagojevich is innocent as he tells us everyday, maybe he is and legally he is.
    Why is Obama keeping away a Govenor who went out before even jesse jackson and endorsed Obama.

    Obama is not being very fair to his state Governor. It is a real strange situation.
    A senator from illinois not inviting a fellow democratic Govenor from his own state......I bet first time in history
  6. Republican nominee McBush isn't inviting president Bush to appear with him on speaking engagements...may not be the first time in history, I don't think Nixon was around when Ford was running for the first time to be elected president when he was the republican nominee in 1976.

    Additionally, why don't we ever see the repubs invoke the name of DWE, a two term republican president presiding over one of the best times in American history?

  7. Well we were just told that he is corrupt. Or at least, that's the claim in the first few posts.

    Okay, so the Governor is corrupt, but he should have been invited to speak at the Democratic convention.

    Plus you raise an interesting question -- if this is so unusual, so freakish, presumably Jon Kyl, Arizona's other Republican senator would get a prime time spot to speak at the Republican National Convention, no? Otherwise it's a "snub" of some sort. Or a plot.