Democratic definition of insurrection ...

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    Democratic definition of insurrection ... a gathering of people who do not agree with or who oppose us.

    Anyway, I agree that the Capital protesters were trespassing. And should be prosecuted as such and made to pay for any damages incurred. But insurrection? It was more of a sit in, than an insurrection. More like what students did in the 60s and 70s, vis-a-vis the Vietnam war, than an attempt to overthrow the government. Just my opinion.
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    your opinion sux and is not supported by the facts
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    The level of force used to break into the building was very high, it was not obvious on the day but new footage shows it was just brutal. Riot shields ripped from the front being passed back over the crowd to human battering ram the doors. Think it was on NBC.

    No wonder those guys died of medical issues, if they were part of that.

    I thought they were soft letting them in, nope, level of force used to ram through was stupidly dangerous.
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  4. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

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  5. themickey


    Ya, a sit in.
    Looks like Sitting Bull.
    Shitting bull.
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    Trump rioters smeared their own feces throughout Capitol during attack
    White House staffers found the disgusting excrement throughout Capitol hallways.

    By Victoria Moorwood Jan 8, 2021, 1:55pm ESTShare this on Facebook
    Pro-Trump rioters not only smashed windows, broke into offices and fought with police officers during their attack on the Capitol, they also left behind a trail of their own feces. According to New York Daily News, the rioters tracked poop throughout several hallways after defecating inside the building.

    White House staffers reportedly discovered the feces on Thursday (Jan. 7), a source close to Sen. Chuck Schumer told Daily News.

    “It looked like they tracked it around,” they said, leaving behind brownish “footprints.”

    Still, the source said the feces are currently the least of Schumer’s problems.

    “Schumer is dealing with proverbial shit — not this kind,” they added.
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    'A sit in', sitting on the shitter.
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    The possibility of taking over the government was always nil, zip, zero. You know it. And those who are currently taking over the government, with possibility of success, know it.
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    Soon hopefully sitting in the can (jail) rather than on the can (their shithouse at home)
    images-2.jpeg Enjoy!
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  10. Already accomplished.

    That's what the "election cheat"* was all about.

    *When those wearing the hobnail boots make this bit of free speech a felony, I'll have to stop saying it.
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