Democratic Congressman : "If You Don't Tie Our Hands, We Will Keep Stealing."

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Mar 18, 2010.

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    I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps it would be a good idea to shrink government and reduce taxation, because recent crises are revealing the extent to which plutocracy has grown in this country. I mean, it may be impossible to reverse their advances any other way than to "starve the beast", as AAA or Rearden called it. This does not mean that I'm abandoning the principles of social justice, only that I'm looking at a different approach.

    To excise the tumor that is plutocracy, and their so called "plutonomy", that has grown in our government, I wonder will we have to kill the patient? That would be unfortunate I think, as I do not believe men are ready for that government "which governs not at all" (thank you, Henry).
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  4. I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps it would be a good idea to shrink government................

    You know I was never asked if it was okay to spend 50k for plants in front of the town hall every year.

    I won't miss the flowers.

    Actually I wouldn't care in the town hall was a trailer.

    This shit must impress some people with my money. It doesn't impress me.
  5. Exactly. If people want a pretty town hall,they should grow the flowers in their own yards and then go to the town hall and plant it themselves. Its called being in a community and pitching in. If the community doesnt want to do it, then they dont care if their town hall looks like crap, but either way...this should not be spent with tax dollars...People should volunteer and donate flowers (or money) out of their own pockets if they want this kind of stuff done.
  6. Ricter, all of the sudden I have this strong desire to bond with you :D
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    ricter does seem to really think about things.
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    Thanks, gents, and to you as well.

    But I'm still a total commie. So far left, I'm right. So if you want to bond, you may want to bring a condom. ; )

  9. Second person I have ever heard say that in 30 Years.
    You didn't happen to live in Oregon in the 80's did you?
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    I haven't heard anyone else use it since the 80's either! No, I was living in Colorado in those days. It's an expression I heard the left using to describe the, hmm, I think it was the Spartacist League, who showed up at various public events.
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