Democrat Trickery: Fake Mich Tea Party Mastermind Resigns

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  1. Democrat Trickery: Fake Mich. Tea Party Mastermind Resigns
    August 26, 2010, 5:00 AM
    By Warner Todd Huston

    In a see-I-told-you-so moment, one of the organizers of fake Tea Party candidates that got on the 2010 ballot in Michigan has been fully revealed to be a Democrat attempting an election dirty trick.

    Back in May I wrote of the sudden appearance of a Tea Party petition effort being shopped about to voters in Michigan. The petition was trying to get official recognition for a new political party, the Tea Party as it was being called. The petitions aimed to get enough signatures on petitions for the state to then certify it as a real party.

    The petition was being passed by a petition firm that works largely for Michigan Democrats. At that time I then said that this was obviously a Democrat dirty trick meant to confuse voters and split the Republican vote in Michigan.

    By July it became clear that some of these fake Tea Party candidates were appearing on Michigan election ballots. One of these candidates was a Democrat and member of the United Auto Workers.

    Well, now a Michigan Democrat operative has resigned for perpetrating the vote fraud on Michigan’s voters.

    Oakland County Democratic Party Operations Director Jason Bauer has resigned his post for having been the one to sign his name notarizing the paperwork for fake Tea Party candidates. One man found himself as an authorized candidate even though he had moved away to Arizona. He wasn’t even aware that he was a candidate for office in his old home state.

    It turns out that Democrat Bauer had notarized twelve of Michigan’s 23 fake Tea Party candidates. The Michigan Democrat Party claimed it had no knowledge of Bauer’s actions and does not know who is behind the fake Tea Party candidates.

    And if you believe that…
  2. JamesL


    They are running scared. They can't create a viable message about the TP movement so they make shit up, like pictures of doctored signs, hurling racial slurs at Dems, (attempted) infiltration of TP rallies, etc. They haven't yet figured out how to manipulate the TP image for their benefit, and it scares them.
  3. They should be. They are LIARS AND THIEVES... and wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass. If there is any justice in this world, the Deomcrats will be STOMPED INTO OBLIVION.... better yet, EXTERMINATED... LIKE THE VERMIN THEY ARE!! :mad:
  4. Kinda makes you want to strap on those trusty jackboots and go goose-stepping down the boulevard, doesn't it?