Democrat Senators Still Carrying Water For FNM

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  1. fhl


    You seem to have a problem reading. And, <b>you are lying, too</b>.

    Cra loans did blow up. Ritholtz argument is simply that they weren't the majority. And <b>I never said they were</b>. My entire argument was that the non bank loan originators on commission got off their butts and made a lot more crappy loans than the banks did. The non banks made the majority of the bad loans. But, oh yeah, it was after Frank and Dodd had spent twenty years pleading for them to be made. And the video tapes on youtube show frank pleading for them to be made and telling us that they weren't risky, either.

    And your comment about minds being made up is a joke, coming from you. The global warming report was proven to be a pack of lies and you're still one of the true believers who won't stop pushing it.
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  2. wow. major news flash. global warming proven to be false. wonder why i havent heard about it even on fox news. you wingnuts are a funny bunch. never boring,always amusing around here.
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  3. Hello


    Fact: Vehn continues to dodge the facts.

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    The cartoon that got an Ohio high school student in trouble:


    :) :) :)
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  5. Yeah, the Libs really piss and moan when the light of truth outs them.
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    fact - none of the banks have paid back shit compared to the 13 trillion we have spent bailing them out.
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    How do you spell 'surprise, surprise!' in Socialist? :D
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