Democrat proposes suspending Democracy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Maybe they should halt electing women to higher office instead, you know, with all their women problems and stuff. Let them concentrate on spitting out babies during their prime instead.
  3. Damn, these progressives are all whiny douche bags.
  4. I've got a better plan so this crazy bitch won't have to worry about elections. How's about we suspend her sorry ass right now, today!
    Listen up you ignorant slut. You're not supposed to be worried about your re-election in the first place. Just do your god damn job, do it right, and do it NOW!
  5. I'm pretending I'm on Facebook.

  6. I'm glad we agree on something(s). This goof ball has just summed up everything that is wrong with the political system. Suspend elections so we can do our job? Jesus!
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    I think she was serious. Her handlers were packpaddling a few hours latter saying she was "joking".
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    *shrug* Lots of folks around here think democracy is flawed (or broken), too.
  9. And this dipshit politician is exactly why.
  10. The day that the vast majority of the board stops arguing "Dem's" vs "Repub's" is the day that we might have a bit of hope. It's a broken system and yet everybody seems to be waiting for that "next election" to get it right this time.
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