Democrat plant busted trying to pose as Racist at Rand Paul Rally

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    Keep trying Dems LOL!!!

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    Former Obama Campaigner Caught Provocatuering As ‘Racist’ Tea Party Member

    Rand Paul “fan” later caught marching with opponent’s supporters at rally, ousted as a “hardcore Democrat”

    Steve Watson
    Tuesday, Aug 10th, 2010

    A man purporting to be a Rand Paul supporter was caught on film brandishing a racist sign at a rally in Kentucky this past weekend, then later spotted marching with supporters of Paul’s political opponent.

    In a another blatant case of provocateuring, the man, who introduced himself as “Tyler” was spotted wearing a tin foil hat and flip flops around his neck with the word “CAP & TRADE” written on them.

    While carrying an official Rand Paul campaign hand fan, he also held an anti-immigration sign that read “They take our jobs! Corrupt our children! STEAL the American Dream!”

    The provocateur was caught out by an attendee at the Fancy Farm political celebration in Kentucky who claimed he saw the man speaking with supporters and campaign officials of Paul’s opponent for the Kentucky Senate, Jack Conway, shortly before making his way into the crowds.

    “Obviously you’re a Conway fan because I just heard one of the Conway guys say you work for Conway.” the cameraman said as he confronted the man.

    “They said you were going to say the most racist things you could so people would think that Rand stands for that.” he added

    “Oh absolutely not” the man replied.

    Later on, the cameraman caught up with “Tyler” as he marched with Conway supporters.

    Dave Weigel of Slate picked up on the video and contacted the Conway campaign for an explanation. Staffers on the Conway team denied having any knowledge of who the man was or what he was doing at the event.

    However, Slate readers and real Rand Paul supporters did some digging around and have revealed that the man is Tyler Clay Collins, a Murray State University member of the Kentucky Young Democrats, who worked campaigning for Obama for two years.

    Pictures taken from Collins’ facebook page, which has since been pulled, show him at an Obama rally in 2008 and posing with Jack Conway backer Crit Luallen. Collins even has Conway as a Facebook friend:

    Furthermore, in a comment left on a 2008 news article about Obama’s presidential campaign, Collins declared himself “a hardcore Democrat”.

    We have seen several instances of this kind of pathetic provocateuring at Tea Party events in the past, with promises of violence and racist slurs coming from Obama supporters in an effort to demonize legitimate Libertarian and Tea Party activists.

    However, Tyler Collins’ effort by far represents the most monumental FAIL to date.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    every asshat democrat that tries to discredit the tea party or other like groups that is found out will only serve to insulate the movement further.

    even if some jerk really does turn out to be a legit racist t-party member all this does is provide the t-party with a scape goat. a proven one.

    thanks mr collins!
  3. LOL!!! So... if left wingers have to falsely manufacture racist incidents in order to create the facade of racism within the tea party movement, what are we to surmise?

    1) There is no racism for them to simply expose, otherwise there wouldn't be a need to manufacture faux racism by faux tea party supporters.

    2) They are really scared of and intimidated by the tea party movement.

    3) We're doing something right!!!
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    Yep, its funny watching how pathetic the dems are, and just how low they will sink to try to discredit the tea party, apparently since all of the false accusations of racism directed at tea partiers didnt work they are willing to sink even lower, its funny cause it shows just how much these dems actually care about racism, when they are more than willing to throw people out there who will hurl racist insults just to discredit the tea party.

    The tiny minority of racists who showed up at these rallies at the start, have long since been told they they arent welcome, it is now safe to assume that any racist signs or people you see from here on in are just racist democrats.

    Tyler Collins parents must be so proud of him, he has just dragged their name through the mud and this has now been on national T.V. He is about to get a true lesson on the honorability of democrats when they jettison his ass because he got caught and has now become a liability to them.

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    Yesterday on Olberman and Madcow they were pitching a story which GQ supposedly got from an "anonymous source" that Rand Paul kidnapped a chick in university and forced her to smoke weed, and today we learn about this clown.... I wonder just how much air time this guy will get on Olbermann and Madcow.

    Its funny watching the dems fuck up and trip all over each other, trying to discredit Rand Paul, Im thinking im going to mail a cheque to his campaign later today.

  6. wow. Kidnapping a girl and forcing her to smoke weed?? Wow... I don't even know what to say other than they used to author much better fiction a few years ago...

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    Oh yeah, apparently they also forced her to pray to a false god called aqua buddha.... i forgot about that part... you cant even make this shit up.... well i guess dems can, a normal person couldnt. :)

  8. When I first saw this it reminded me of the libtards here who would sell their souls to promote Obama's socialist welfare state agenda, ESPECIALLY the shameless, pathetic lie at the end when he was totally busted. ROTFLMAO!!!!
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    Just read a bunch of the comments, awesome! Especially nice to see those people defending him coming from a magazine like GQ which would be a younger age group and more Liberal then the Tea Party overall.

    Another funny note about this story, supposedly the unamed source is a clinical psychologist!! LOL

    A clinical psychologist who decides not to report it when people supposedly blind fold her, kidnap her try to force her to do drugs then drive her out to the middle of nowhere.

    I would hate to be one of her patients, something tells me it would be a colossal fucking waste of money.

    #10     Aug 11, 2010