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  1. I wasted several precious minutes of my life watching the democrat debate last night. During the debate, I had the same question that no doubt was on everyone else's mind: "What the hell happened to John Edwards' hair?" The former Breck girl, he of the $400 haircut, sported an odd cut that featured a razor sharp flying part, kind of a combination post-modern elvis meets the guy who runs the BadaBing club in Sopranos. What was the message Edwards was trying to send? That he could look as ridiculous as Dennis Kuchinich? Was it some sort of desperate appeal to steal the bad hair vote? A bold ploy to distract viewers from the increasingly foxy Hillary? Who knows?

    The actual debate was pretty much a joke, kind of a political version of American Idol, with candidates each singing the same far left tune with a couple of comic relief performers thrown in for good measure. CNN's format is to allocate time in proportion to poll numbers. Kuchinich was not allowed to speak, as far as i could tell. Mike Gravel got to talk twice, both times accusing the other candidates of being in the pcokets of Wall Street bankers and hedge funds. For once, I have to agree with him. Veteran Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Biden were visibly frustrated by their lack of talk time, although Biden did garner a fair amount of post debate air due to his accurate observation that it would take a year to pull troops out of Iraq. Bill Richardson seemed lost and mumbled incoherently every time he spoke.

    Media darling Obama gave another stumbling performance, although he did remember to add that he would bridge partisan divisions, that after articulating positions that republicans will fight to the death to block. Edwards and Clinton said nothing memorable.

    CNN picked short UTube videos sent in by a collection of hand-picked nutcases to present the questions. They were obviously selected to toss softballs into the candidates wheelhouses. Most seemed to focus on issues like health care. All the candidates are for it, incidentally. Apparently they will pay for it by...well, they were a little vague on that but no doubt it has something to do with repealing the Bush tax cuts for the "rich" and reversing the worst economy in 125 years.

    My favorite question was asked by a sanctimonious black preacher, who demanded that Edwards justify his opposition to gay "marriage" without invoking religion, which he informed us had been used to justify oppression of various democrat interest groups. I didn't hear Edwards' answer, but I assume he just fell back on good ole boy redneck prejudice. Or maybe he said that a guy with his good looks can't afford to seem too gay friendly. Luckily his wife was on hand to inform viewers afterwards that he was on the same "journey" regarding gay rights that many families had followed. I guess it's unfair to expect a 50+ year old guy who wants to be President of the entire United States to have reached the end of his intellectual journey and tell us where he stopped.

    My other favorite was the stereotypical crazed gun nut who wanted to know if the candidates would protect his "baby", a tricked out assault rifle he brandished for the audience. This gave Biden his one chance to show off of the night, when he sneered that he banned assault weapons.

    All in all a depressing spectacle that left me with the view that the republicans have a darned good chance of winning again. If the democrats can't win this election, we'd better have a national suicide watch for the blue states, because they'll never have a better opportunity.
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    I think a guy like tancredo or ron paul could do it, since they'd be running against both the democrat and republican parties (they're both semi-outcasts in the republican party)

    as someone who was raised in a democrat family, i found last night's performance a complete freak show

    - reparations - YES? reparations for WHAT?!?! having my state free them? (you're welcome)

    in 1865, there were 20 million north 5 million white south and 4 million black south. and being in the white south didnt mean you had anything to do with it, just like being white in the south today doesnt mean you hire illegal aliens or approve of those who do

    very, very few americans have roots in the 'perpetrators', but many have roots in the liberators

    - health care for illegal aliens? (see other thread)

    - gay marriage isnt the most important thing in this country

    i'm sooooo sorry obama sometimes cant get a cab in new york - good thing he flys a private jet, or his lack of privilage would cause him to miss flights. like there's any american citizens driving cabs in new york anyway
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    Believe it or not, most of them are citizens, just ask them next time you take a cab.

    I remember danny glover complained about getting a cab in ny. I think it was giuliani who was mayor at the time. Anyway they started doing random checks on cab drivers to see if they would pick up a black passenger based on danny glovers complaint.

    Point is, giuliani is a fascist and danny glover is an asshole. No new yorker ever liked rudy.
  4. Nice line by Obama but totally unbelievable. He's about as threatening looking as Elizabeth Edwards, plus I doubt cabbies pass up many guys wearing $3500 suits. Danny Glover, maybe, but who could blame them.
  5. I missed the reparations question. Who said what?
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    some black youtuber asked about rep-rations to kucinich, and kucinich said 'yes'
  7. last night's debate was a freak show. i was ashamed to be an american after watching each one try to out "commie" the next.

    you know ZZZzzzenu was glued to the set... probably fawning over osama's big ears.

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    the only comfort I have, is that except for ron paul or tom tancredo, no matter who gets elected, pretty much the same people will actually be running the show

    the 'powers that be' give the elected candidate a 'play pen' of pet issues that they get to decide on

    but the rest is decided by the unseen...or else
  9. You voted for Bush and Cheney, twice, right?


    So much for your political acumen...

    You are still lost in the bubble that is the beltway...

  10. As bad as Bush has been and even if i knew ahead of time he would be, I would support him over Gore or Kerry. The things I fault Bush on, they would be worse, like amnesty and open borders. They would have raised taxes, appointed nut-case leftwing judges and abandoned the war on terror. They might have stayed out of Iraq, but that would only mean Saddam would be as close to getting nukes as the Iranians. To say Bush has been a disaster does not exclude the likelihood that they would have been much worse. We only need look at the Senate to see that confirmed.
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