Democrat California, What a paradise!!!

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    I was out in LA about 6 months ago and I was appalled by the utterly grotesque amount of bums and losers roaming the streets. I went to this Venice Beach and it was filled with losers living in tents, smoking pot, and being completely useless. I checkout out real estate prices and they were outrageous, and I was wondering why the people who paid all this money for these properties would tolerate all these low lives in the area.

    Now they are writing articles about it.

    LA's Battle for Venice Beach: Homeless Surge Puts Hollywood's Progressive Ideals to the Test

    With swelling transient encampments abutting seven-figure homes, the beachside enclave has emerged as a flashpoint for the inequality shaping Los Angeles — and a real-world test case for the liberal ideology of the area’s showbiz residents.
    After the first attack, Randy Osborn figured it was just his turn. Tire slashings in his east Venice Beach neighborhood had become commonplace. But when his vintage Land Rover was hit a sixth time in the course of a few months, Osborn, who runs a small virtual reality company and has lived in Venice for seven years, began to worry he was being singled out.

    "It may have been random, but it sure felt targeted and concentrated," says Osborn, who now protects his tires each night with a jury-rigged plywood-and-chain contraption that has so far deterred the assailants. Every time he takes his family out of town, he worries about his house being robbed. "It's not a very fun way to live," he says. A lot of residents within Osborn's 15-block area just east of Lincoln Boulevard — where actor Viggo Mortensen owns a home and director Jon Favreau is opening a production office — have similar stories. And though they can't say for sure, Osborn and others suspect the crime is tied to several homeless encampments that have sprung up nearby in the past 15 months.

    Los Angeles is grappling with a homeless epidemic. "It's the worst human catastrophe in America," says Andy Bales, a pastor who runs the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row. Faced with a growing crisis, city leaders last year budgeted more than $100 million for affordable housing, addiction treatment, job placement and mental health services. And yet, as L.A.'s real estate prices soar, so does the city's homeless population. And nowhere have the twin forces of inaccessible housing and inequality created a more explosive mix than in Venice Beach, a hotbed of entertainment executives and talent where the median home price is $1.9 million. Many of these residents are now grappling with a quality-of-life issue that defies their own liberal ideals.

    Sleepless in Seattle and Community producer Gary Foster, who moved to the area two years ago from Westwood and works with the homeless advocacy group The People Concern, says he was surprised by the number of residents who expressed exasperation with — if not outright disdain for — the transient population. "They tend to be liberal, they want to do good in the world, but they're balancing their beliefs with how that might impact the value of their real estate," says Foster, who began his activism after producing The Soloist, about a journalist who discovers a musical savant living on Skid Row.

    Just take a look at this filth.

    This guy doesnt want anyone to slash his tires. Imagine paying over a million dollars for a home and you have to resort to this.

    Is this in a third world country? No it is in left wing California.

    The future looks bright for this fellow.

    This is what left wing policies lead to.

    Hairy smelly people's lives matter.


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  2. A crime and drug ridden shit hole.

    Would love some of our resident libtards to spend one night there.
    They would be shitting their pants and calling the “evil” police to save them.
  3. Not the same issue as homelessness, but another example of living large in California.

    That lobster there is a true north atlantic lobster. Not one of the southern warm water fake lobsters. NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!!!!

    Of course this video is old, so I am sure things have changed since then.

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    Yeah Obama brought the EBT culture mainstream. His supporters love it.

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    Homeless Mecca.
    Where else would you rather live if you were a bum?

    Still have some Property in Ventura but sold my LA County stuff a few years back. It’s such a beautiful place. Being slowly ruined by leftards.
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    What happened? Did you and Wildchild get a divorce and have too split up your 2 lot position in a Calif REIT.
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  8. You are right, look at this filth:

    oh wait....this is in Mississippi.... Seems not giving a shit about the homeless is an equally Dem/GOP problem.

    "Some states, the report shows, had a significant jump in homeless veterans while others saw a large decrease. Mississippi, for example, saw a hike of 78.9 percent while North Dakota a drop of 87.8 percent, the report shows."

    I thought GOP said they would take care of veterans better than anyone...
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    Too much competition?
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    Taken by my buddy in the Valley...
    There are many more...
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