Democraps Want Another Stimulus Bill

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    They need our money to pay off their donors for the 2012 election.

    Obamanomics: The Democrats are insisting that any fiscal cliff legislation has to include another stimulus package. Right. And the first one worked so well.

    According to The Hill, Senate Democrats "say any deficit-reduction package negotiated in the coming weeks must include stimulus measures."

    Sen. Charles Schumer, the New York Democrat identified by The Hill as the party's chief political strategist in the Senate, has said, "We need to do something on stimulus as part of the overall fiscal cliff."

    Schumer believes a second stimulus is necessary "because the economy is not growing fast enough in the first year or two."

    And politicians such as Schumer can make it grow faster?
  2. Did you see alan Greespan today (I saw it today, not sure today was the interview). Greenspan is not happy.... cut spending or else.

    more social programs

    less saving

    less capital investment

    less productivity

    less economic growth
  3. The myth that the Clinton tax hike created 20 million jobs needs to be better explained.

    How much revenue did the tax raise over 6 years? How did that money going to the Government create 20 million jobs in the private sector.

    There is no relationship between job growth in the 90's and the Clinton tax hike.
    This is the case that needs to be made
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    It did


    The three forecasting firms represented are fully in the mainstream; the individual forecasters are regularly polled in the WSJ survey, among others. In each of these instances, one cannot resort to the complaint, often leveled by critics against the Administration's estimates, that no "counterfactual" is estimated (see here). In each case, there a "no stimulus" and a "with stimulus" forecast.
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    Clinton was the beneficiary of the Internet boom in the late 90's. Without it he would have just been another 'Bronco' Bama.

    There is nothing like that on the horizon for the next 4 years since the democraps would rather kill innovation and business so they can create their great welfare state.

    And, that's exactly what's going to happen as 'Bama drives us over the cliff into collapse.
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    This is what Clinton did

    Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993- cut spending by 0.6% of GDP, raised revenue by 0.6% of GDP

    This is what the Repubs did

    The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act (1996) cut spending by 0.1% of GDP

    Balanced Budget Act of 1997- cut spending by 0.2% of GDP

    Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997- reduced revenue by 0.2% of GDP

    You are wrong again as usual. :p
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    you forgot to add they cut cap gains from 28% to 20%, then you forgot to add how the economy boomed after that
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    That's called the 'Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997' which I already included and the economy was on the upswing long before this tax cut went fully into effect in 98

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    and the economy was on the upswing as Clinton came in, was Bush given credit just as BushII is given blame?

    the growth rates were higher after post republican revolution, one would normally expect lower growth rates as the expansion matured
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    When did I dispute that? Why the deflection?

    They really weren't if you actually look at the data and you can make the same argument for the Clinton expansion whose budget had the biggest impact on the GDP compared to EVERYTHING Repubs did in those years.
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