Democraps Hate Israel

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    A poll conducted by CNN/ORC finds broad support for Israeli airstrikes in Gaza that seek to stop Hamas rocket fire into Israel—except among Democrats.

    Seventy-four percent of Republicans said the operation is justified, along with 59 percent of independents. However, only 41 percent of Democrats said military action was justified.

    Israel has targeted terrorist infrastructure and leaders in the Gaza Strip since November 14 in what it has named the “Pillar of Defense” operation. Hamas and allied terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip launched hundreds of rockets at Israel and blew up an army Jeep driving in Israeli territory with an anti-tank missile. More than a thousand rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel since the fighting began.
  2. Possible persecution complex...:cool:
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    I think it is more of a naive belief in the propaganda from the MSM and the Islamists about Israel and a lack of desire to educate ones self.
  4. Democrats hate everyone that isn't a gay minority welfare recipient.
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