Democraps Aren't Interested In Sensible Immigration Reform

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, May 29, 2013.

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    Senator Ted Cruz offered three amendments to the Senate Immigration Bill that would have:

    * Prohibited federal, state, or local entitlement benefits for those here illegally
    * Ensured that illegal immigrants are not given a path to citizenship
    * Modernized, streamlined and expanded legal immigration.

    Sen. Cruz previously proposed amendments to strengthen border security by dramatically increasing the number of border patrol agents, enhancing infrastructure and technology, and improving the legal immigration system by increasing high-skilled temporary worker visas by 500 percent and raising the cap for legal immigration.

    Unfortunately, every Democrat on the committee voted against Sen. Cruz's measures to improve the immigration bill.
  2. Because his proposals are the opposite of what they want.

    How are they going to abe to buy votes with welfare if amnestied illegals can't get it? And no citizenship means no voting, which is the whole point of the exercise from their standpoint.

    The real question is why nominal republicans like Rubio, McCain and graham would go along with the dems?
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    I think Rubio thinks he has a obligation to help Hispanics. McCain and Graham think the Republican party needs to go along with this amnesty thing or lose the Hispanic vote completely. I guess their memories are too short to remember what Reagan's amnesty did to conservatives and continues to do.

    Another amnesty of 10-30 million would be the death knell for conservatives and be the Mexicanation of America.
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    I didn't know we ever had it.

    One of Reagan's biggest mistakes.

    Yes it would, they already outnumber our Africans.
  5. democrat and sensible are almost mutually exclusive terms when referencing national politics.