Democracy in Afghanistan

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  1. "Some clerics call for killing Afghan Christian"


    The gulf between the west and the world of Islam seems insurmountable.

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    Islam is a religion of peace you neo-con hate monger. You best accept Mohammed as the true prophet or off with you're head!:)
  3. Interestingly, I was reading this morning that converting from the Lutheran faith was illegal in Sweden up until the 1860's, not sure what the punishment was though. I would bet many Western countries have had similar laws along the way, and let's not forget the Inquisition.

    It seems this 'clash of cultures' could as easily be labeled a 'clash of eras'. Unfortunately this makes the situation no less dangerous.
  4. The administration is highly complicit in this. They set up an islamic government in Afghanistan, apparently not even considering anything else. We went to war to kick out a muslim government, so their solution is to put in another one. Brilliant!

    The administration is now in a bind over this. I suppose they will end up paying an enormous bribe to prevent this guy from getting executed. Clearly the Afghan government thinks it can thumb its nose at us, just as the iraqis do. I honestly think the republicans can kiss the midterm elections goodby if this guy is executed. Enough religous right voters will stay home to ensure defeat.

    Frankly, they deserve it. Once again their rallying cry will be "We're not as bad as the alternative." That's the kind of inspiring message to make voters forget how the Republicans have backstabbed their core supporters. At least they didn't upset the illegal alien bloc, except that I just saw a poll that said 80% of mexicans despise the US.
  5. the muslims kill you now if you dont believe. the christian god tortures you forever in a pit of fire if you dont believe. which is more cruel?
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    Thanks bloodtrader;

    Saw Karen Hughes , think that the staffer 's name;
    she was giving all those muslim leader a deserved rebuke., today on CBN.

    Actually I am fairly optimistic about the long term situation;
    Harrytrader had a picture of snow in the Arab desert.

    And the wind trend in Iraq, 1st war, reversed long term directions;
    kept Hussein from his wmd launch.

    Many in media have selective memory, because he did launch wmd on his own people, Almost a shame the way they destroy each other, also.
  7. Didn't the peaceful religion of Christianity kill witches, right here in America? The history of Christianity is littered with acts of violence against those who didn't tow the "party" line.

    It is odd to me how so called Christians forget their collective history, and the steps they took to evolve to a somewhat kinder condition.

    Too many Christians still believe in capital punishment, etc., but there has at least been some progress in the direction of civilization.

    I am in no manner condoning the acts of the Islamists, it is just that a holier than thou platform from Christians and Jews doesn't really help to improve the situation.

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    I prefer the defiance of Christians and Jews defending America over a tired self-loathing chorus of Godless pussies.

    Bush: God Told Me to Invade Iraq
    President 'revealed reasons for war in private meeting'
    by Rupert Cornwell

    George Bush believes he is on a mission from God, according to the politician Nabil Shaath.
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    True, me too;
    see now, on CBN news that fundamentalist gov is calling that Christian crazy, maybe to release him ,dont know if thy mean crazy like a fox, or mean it as an insult. :cool:
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