Democracy ending

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  1. Isn't it amazing how a call to people's direct opinion, an instrument of real democracy (Not like the bullshit elections where you choose from the already chosen ones) can bring such disruption in the market?

    Isn't it odd and miserable to see how Europe, the cradle of Western civilisation, has rapidly absorbed the worst attitudes of Russian autoritarianism and American self-righteousness?

    Isn't it gutting to witness the calls to a European Unity whilst everyone in europe is trying to build exactly the opposite?
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    Tsing Tao

    I forget where I heard/read it. But didn't someone, somewhere, say that as soon as people realize that they can vote themselves money (through electing politicians who will carry them cradle to grave) that democracy is ruined?
  3. Democracy is nothing but a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme.
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    It was from one of our founding fathers (don't remember who off hand). They knew long ago what the threats that can destroy the USA and our freedoms. Not foreign threats or wars or is liberals.
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    Tsing Tao

    I was going to say Jefferson, but wasn't sure. And some piker on here would jump me if I was wrong. :)
  6. Romans figured that out 2000 years ago.

    Nobody listened.
  7. It's just part of the business cycle.

    In 60 years we will all have our money in banking stocks and bonds again cause they certainly are as safe as gold!!!
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    what democracy????
  9. Democracy is nothing but a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme.

    Once again, fools speak from their mouth whilest they wipe their arse with their left hand.
  10. From most of your opinions, I get the impression that the decay of values is a well known/repetitive cycle and our time is no exception.

    Be it as it may, the loss of democracy or maybe even just the loss of sensitivity to political scams is perceived by politicians as an implied vote of confidence whatever they do.

    This has huge consequences on our daily life, even if we are not bothered by politics at all.

    For example if your broker goes bankrupt, or your bank refuses you a withdrawal, it makes little difference if you have been a profitable trader or not.

    People's alertness and responsiveness towards political misconduct is critical for us, even if we don't give a damn about politics.
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