Democatric debate last night

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    Did anyone watch that democratic debate last night? Whoa Nelly! Are you kidding me? I feel sorry for the democrats now that have to choose one of those men or woman to be the representative of their party. But seriously, for those of you left wing people on ET, who are you looking at from that group? I'm not sure I would be able to sleep at night if anyone of them were elected President. Of course I am a little biased so feel free to speak up and tell me who you think has an honest shot from that group of characters.
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    So how is it that you can sleep at night with a man in the White House who wasn't elected?
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    i most likely won't vote for any of those guys, but i like al sharpton more than jesse jackson.
  4. One of those two will win. Lieberman doesn't inspire confidence when you hear him speak, Dean's a nutcase, Gephardt is politically over the hill (much like Kick 'em in the Dolies was in 96), and the rest aren't even close.

    And would someone please "accidentally" run into sharpton and grab at the hair so I could see what happens. His hair has NEVER moved.
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    I sleep very well knowing the man who got the most electoral votes did indeed win the election. And I much very enjoy sleeping under the blanket of freedom he provides our country.
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    Did you know that Kerry was a Skull at Yale along with Bush?
  7. The Democrats would win with the following ticket:

    Al Gore/General Wesley Clark.
  8. They'd probably do better than they will with the ticket they are going to run on, which is likely to be Dean and Bob Graham. Then again, Gore couldn't carry his home state last time. Also, the country heaved a collective sigh of relief after 9/11 that he wasn't president. Don't think people will forget that.

    I don't see people flocking to Wesley Clark either. First, he's from Arkansas, so he doesn't bring much to the table. Second, voters are hesitant to give too much power to these retired generals. Frankly, he gives me the creeps the way he talks for 5 minutes without blinking his eyes. Definitely something not normal going on there.
  9. WHERE'S LaROUCH???!!!!!:D
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    Do you believe even half the shit you come up with. Massive amounts of vote fraud on behalf of Democrats were uncovered in both Missouri and Wisconsin but since the electoral balance didn't hinge on either of those two states the nations liberal editors had little to say. Even the hardly fair and unpartisan NYT and Washington Post agreed with the final recount conducted in Florida. Besides you gotta love the irony. Nader cost Gore the election, and Buchanan won the election for Bush. LOL!
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