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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Robert Morse, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Whether you primarily trade equities, options, or futures, Lightspeed offers a platform that suits your style. Visit our website to learn more about our platforms’ capabilities. Please say you heard about us from Elite Trader. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions regarding our trading platforms, our flexible commission plans or about Lightspeed in general. We look forward to earning your business.

  2. With all due respect Sir; can you tell me why would I want to pay for light speed's platform when I can have TD Ameritrade's Think or swim platform or Charles Schwab's Smart Edge platform or the Trade Station's platform for free?
    Am I missing something?
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    Sure. Lightspeed is built for speed. You get the choice of per share or per trade commissions, choice of routes with many order types. Does your free software offer access to dark pools, midpoint pegs, rebates on offering liquidity, VWAP, hidden orders, TWAP, trade from 4 am to 8 pm etc. In fact, if you choose the per trade rate and trade larger orders, you can get paid to trade. E.G. Buy 5000 XYZ cost $4.50, add liquidity on ARCA you get back $10 for a credit of $5.50. Since the beginning of the year, we have received a large number of request for demos and new accounts from those using "free" brokers that are very unhappy with their fills. And, our options rates have always be very low and still are vs most other brokers. And if you do not like Lightspeed Trader, we offer other software like Sterling Trader Pro, Realtick, and Silexx. In addition, when you call our support, a person answers, fast. And, you may have a personal salesperson like me, that still responds to emails at this time of night. In fact, I respond 7 days a week. We are Introducing Brokers to Wedbush Securities and provide a variety of solutions for small and medium-sized Hedge Funds, Trading Groups and Active Traders. Thank you for asking!

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    Stocktracker-I think we all know that nothing is free. The fact is that we cater to active traders. I have both hedge funds, prop groups and smaller day traders as clients. We offer both domestic and foreign accounts. Their needs often exceed what an online broker can offer. If you are an "investor", these online brokers have access to products we do not offer. That said, if your focus is US-listed equities, options or futures, give us a try. I expect you will see the difference. Here is a promotion anyone may use today.
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    Free is never free, if you long term trader, free is good enough. Tradestation was a joke for me, crashing and trying to get a hold of support like I was on Mars. TD Ameritrade's Think or swim I believe is having problems of late, getting too big too fast and not enough equipment perhaps, I am put on hold for ten minutes is not an option.
    I have an account at Lightspeed, one factor not stressed enough is piece of mine, when I have had to call them, couple of rings they answering. When I was with Tradestation, 20 minutes is fricking lifetime.

    No brokerage is perfect, and free is not free.
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  6. Do you service Canadians?
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    Sorry, but no. This is the only country that requires us to register and have a place of business in your country.