Demo Futures Account

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  1. Can anyone recommend a demo futures account so I can get my feet wet trading the S&P futures, etc.? Thanks!
  2. Aok


    Front end preferences? If any?

  3. Call Paul at Vcap Futures and he will set you up with a NinjaTrader demo account....
  4. What does that mean? Front end?
    Never had a broker or anybody ask me if I wanted "front end" when I opened a stock trading account. Front end?
  5. Aok


    The interface you use to execute trades. Some brokers have multiple choices.

    For example: Ninja Trader, ButtonTrader, ZLT, CQGtrader, XTrader, many, many others. Each has pros/cons. Said brokers allow you to demo these front ends before you ever open an account with them.
  6. open acct. w/ interactive brokers (they have paper trading available)
    download free version of bracket trader.
    sim trade all you want.

    (u could also hook up free QuoteTracker charts to IB feed)
  7. What about ?
    Should I stay away from them?

    I'm new to forex.