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  1. Can anyone direct me to brokers that offer a demo account for free?

    I have an intern that would like to apply some ideas to a demo account that's a little more sophisticated than just using excel to track trades.

    Any and all suggestions appreciated.
  2. Open E Cry has one but it expires after 2 weeks.
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    IB has a demo but am not sure if it is real time

    I believe it also allows options and other stadegies
    You need to spend a day or two on IB's platform but you receive tips to help you. Also their support staff has gotten much better over the last year. You will find the options are located in several different areas for the same options and some are hidden. One main thing to know if you go live I would suggest you unclick the regular trading hours button otherwise you will only be allowed to trade 930-4pm. for forex very user friendly platform with news updates every min.
    good luck
  4. I have two accounts with IB now and went to their website, but didn't look too hard (really just lazy) for a demo account. I'll look again, thanks.
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    IB has a demo account for non-IB customers. It is more limited in scope than the paper trading account. The paper trader has real-time quotes and almost all regular account features. The demo account has delayed quotes and a limited feature set. Go here for the Demo.

  6. If you want a forex demo use the one provided by Oanda. Unlike other demos it never expires, you can use it for years as I am sure a lot of posters here are fully aware of. :D
  7. Are there any that offer demos that you pay for so you dont have to worry about it expiring or their constant calls to open an account?
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    If you already have accounts with us, please look for paper trading account rather then demo. Paper trading has a real time data feed.
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    An answer, not a recommendation:
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