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  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to open a demo with TOS. I've used it before (also as demo) and have had 100000 on my account. But now there is no money so I can't make virtual trades. How could I help it?
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    You only have 10 days to play demo. You demo may have expired. You will have to fund the account (Minimum $3500.00) for continue use.

    How to reset TOS "Papermoney" to $100,000.00:

    1) click on the ACCT STATEMENT tab.
    2) Right click on the blue arrow on the left of the Symbol Box on the top left of the screen.
    3) Click on Position
    4) You can either Reset All Positions or Adj Cash.

    You can actually do this in many other places.
  3. Thanks for your help.
    When I right-click on blue arrow, I have only 2 positions to choose: "Symbol lookup" and "Link to".
    I have no positions.
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    OK, there is another possibility:

    When you first login to TOS, you have to select paperMoney, (click on the arrow on the right) just above the User and Password.
    PaperMoney is green.
    Live TOS trading is red.

    If you login to Live TOS Trading, which you have not fund therefore you wouldn't have any fund to trade. You are in the wrong account!!!
  5. How do I reset the cash on my live account?

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    Process to reset TOS Live Trading account cash to zero is not simple. However it can be done if you follow the process:

    1) BUY the current month OTM call or put option of any stock or index until you have no buying power left. Be sure to go against the trend. Buy put in uptrend and buy call in a down trend. The trend is NOT your friend in the reset process.

    2) Do nothing and check account AFTER expiration.

    3) Go and repeat step 1) if your account is not zero after expiration.

    Note: This is a low cost debit trade to reset account to zero. A low delta of 0.1 or less is referred. You should use number of contracts to accommodate account balance. Exact zero may not be possible and may take multiple expiration cycles.
  7. HEHE :p
  8. I'm right on target then, especially after today.

    BTW, the trend will change often enough in this market that it won't matter what you buy or when.
  9. atozcom,

    many thanks. It works. Wonder how could I miss this by myself.
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    I always wanted to try them out...any thought on TOS as a novice trader?
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